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Poker Tweeter version history

1.6 Update (07 December 2012)

New feature
- Attach your current location to your tweets

Cosmetic improvements
- Improved images throughout the UI

Miscellaneous improvements
- You can now attach and remove images while composing a tweet
- Minor performance improvement in favorites view

- Large attached photos sometimes caused tweets to fail
- #hashtag and @username views didn't update character countdown
- Settings > Account view sometimes didn't show follower count etc.

1.5 Update (26 October 2012)

New feature
- Attached image appears directly behind tweet as you type

Functional improvements
- Optimized for the superb new iPhone 5 and iOS 6
- Settings view now shows accounts' tweet, followers, following counts
- Visual tweet sent indicator appears after successfully posting a tweet or sending a private message
- Alert appears if sending a tweet or private message fails
- Favorites view: only one tap is needed to view a favorite user's profile
- Tweet profile image, if missing, is refetched when tweet is tapped in any timeline
- Protected account tweets: user profile view can now show the user's profile page on Twitter.com

Cosmetic improvements
- Tweet profile image, @usernames, #hashtags, and URLs appear in blue in selected tweet
- Better tweet background images for both light and dark themes
- Profile view animation is cleaner
- Progress indicator "gear" appears over timelines if refresh is slow
- Search bar animates into search view, cancel button animates in/out
- Favorite view button bar animates into view
- Better animation and timing when @usernames, #hashtags, links, etc. are tapped
- Slightly smaller tweet text font in all timelines for viewing more tweets at a time

Twitter tweet display compliance
- Tweet author name now appears in all tweets
- Tweet age format changed for tweets older than 1 day
- Tapping tweet age now opens a web view to the tweet permalink
- New tweet info button in action toolbar opens a web view to the tweet permalink
- Retweeted tweets now show a 'Retweeted by Author Name' retweet message
- Tapping a retweet message opens a web view to the retweeter's profile page
- User tweet view now shows all required tweet detail in the user's tweets
- The Twitter bird logo is now visible above all timelines

Miscellaneous improvements
- Now uses the built-in iOS Twitter framework
- Now uses the new Twitter 1.1 API
- Now uses the Twitter image service instead of TwitPic
- Improved performance and stability

- Switching accounts confused the favorites view
- Tweet drafts sometimes weren't saved as expected
- Tapping highlighted @usernames, #hashtags, and URLs with quotes after them would cause incorrect results
- Profile view now shows "There is no Twitter user named @username" if user taps a non-existent @username
- Fixed many minor timing issues

1.4 Update (22 November 2011)

Favorite users lists
- Add any Twitter user to ★ and/or ♠ favorites lists
- Quickly see any favorite user's tweets even if you don't follow them
- Tap on a favorite user's link to open it in a web view
- You can add up to 100 favorite users in each list

- Profile view now has ★ favorite and ♠ favorite buttons
- Profile info now includes Twitter user's "real name," location, and home page link, and
the link font shrinks to fit the link on a single line
- Overall profile view redesign with bigger buttons, better graphics, fade-in animation, and progress indicator
- Animation on timeline refresh
- Minor cosmetic improvements

- Tapping links with trailing newlines didn't work
- Action toolbar didn't move to correct position after a tweet was sent
- Scrolling to bottom of favorite tweets list didn't fetch older favorite tweets
- Sometimes tweets were saved when they shouldn't have been
- Sometimes the first saved tweet was replaced with a zero-length tweet
- Minor cosmetic fixes

1.3 Update (18 October 2011)

Saved tweets
- You now have the option of saving a tweet if you cancel composing it
- You can view the text of all saved tweets by tapping the compose button
- Resuming composition of a saved tweet automatically saves the updated version
- The most recently saved tweets appear at the top of the list
- Any tweet that can't be posted is automatically saved
- Up to 100 tweets can be saved

- Tweet text overlapped in main timeline view on iOS 5
- Backspacing sometimes erased too many characters
- Minor cosmetic and bug fixes, minor optimizations

1.2 Update (03 October 2011)

Add @usernames to a tweet with one tap
- @Username list shows the most recent 100 @usernames you have tweeted
- Tap @usernames in the list to add them to the tweet you are composing
- @Usernames are automatically remembered when you tweet them
- The most recently used @usernames appear at the top of the list

Add #hashtags to a tweet with one tap
- #Hashtag list shows the most recent 100 #hashtags you have tweeted
- Tap #hashtags in the list to add them to the tweet you are composing
- #Hashtags are automatically remembered when you tweet them
- The most recently used #hashtags appear at the top of the list

Favoriting / unfavoriting tweets
- You can now favorite / unfavorite any tweet in any view

- Tweets sometimes appeared multiple times in a user's tweet view
- Minor cosmetic fixes and improvements

1.1 Update (19 September 2011)

Tappable items in tweets
- Links, @usernames, #hashtags, and profile image are highlighted in the selected tweet
- Tap a link to open a web view and browse web content
- Tap a @username to open that user's profile view
- Tap a #hashtag to open the search view and search for the tag
- Tap the profile image of the author to open the author's profile view
- Tap the name of the author to open the author's profile view

Favoriting and unfavoriting tweets
- Tap the new favorite button to favorite a tweet in any view
- Tap the new unfavorite button to unfavorite a tweet in favorites view

Following and unfollowing users in profile view
- Tap the follow button to follow the user and change the button to unfollow
- Tap the unfollow button to unfollow the user and change the button to follow

Compose a tweet in profile view
- Tap the new compose button to compose a message @ the profiled user

Issues resolved
- Occasional incorrect odds calculations with "10" cards
- "T" and "10" are handled as "ten" in odds calculations
- Minor cosmetic fixes and optimizations

1.0 Release (25 August 2011)

Sending tweets
- Automatic conversion of card suits as you type
- Suit keys for directly entering card suits
- Win odds for two or more sets of hole cards and up to 5 board cards
- Reply, retweet with changes, and retweet unchanged modes
- Attach photos and upload them to TwitPic.com
- Optional separator ("-") between cards
- Solid or outline glyphs for hearts and diamonds

Reading tweets
- Search all tweets for keywords
- Find all tweets sent by a user
- Mentions tab
- Favorite tweets tab

- Switch between multiple accounts
- User profile page with follower and following counts
- Follow button on user profile page
- Direct message button on user profile page
- Pull-to-refresh on all pages
- Tap status bar to scroll to top
- Light and dark themes