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  2.0 Release (16 September 2013)

New features
- Now runs on iPad with an all-new design
- Full iCloud integration: add a session on one device and it appears on all of your iOS devices

- Save and resume: enter any session data, resume at any time before adding to database
- New color-coded data in history and opponents table on iPhone in landscape mode and on iPad
- New info text on graphs: automatically fades in and out, can be toggled on and off by tapping
- Improved search with more keywords

- Better locale-specific number formatting
- Opponents' tournament result calculation is now correct
- Many stability and cosmetic fixes

- This will be the last major release that supports iOS 6.x. The next release will be iOS 7+ only.

1.1 Update (15 November 2012)

- Optimized for the superb new iPhone 5 and iOS 6
- Version number now appears in the Settings app

- Corrected minor typos in FAQ and Help
- Minor stability improvements when adding locations

1.0 Release (13 August 2012)

Easy input
- Auto-complete of venue names, game names, game types, and player names
- Auto-fill of optional fields for each venue, by cash or tournament type

Earnings numbers
- Earnings numbers for the most recent day, week, month, year, and over your whole career
- Tap to see earnings and results graphs for any interval

Earnings and results graphs
- Color-coded cash / tourney / total earnings for day, week, month, year, and career intervals
- Color-coded results for day, week, month, year, and career intervals
- Scroll left and right to go forwards and backwards through the graphs
- Rotate to landscape to search for best / worst sessions, specific dates, etc.

Sessions list
- See all sessions you've played, tap on any one to see details
- Sort by date, win amount, loss amount
- Find sessions by venue name, date, player names, keywords in notes, etc.
- Tap to see all details of any session

Players list
- Track opponents or buddies you've entered for any session
- Sort by date, win amount, loss amount
- Find players name, date, keywords in notes, etc.
- Tap to see all sessions they played
- Update player notes at any time

Built-in locations and user-defined locations
- 81 locations of poker rooms worldwide are already programmed into Poker Roll
- Add any location at any time, manually or automatically
- Auto-fill cash or tourney fields for each location

- Built-in help, guided tour, and FAQ
- Most views allow portrait and landscape viewing, whichever you prefer


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