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FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.5.2
31 December 2010

We have released FlopZoom 1.5.2, which adds new features and addresses several issues. There is a new "Stay on Last Live Hand" feature in the Playback pane, so you can automatically review each hand in a Full Tilt or Poker Stars session just seconds after you finish playing it. We have also added support for Euro cash sessions on Full Tilt and Poker Stars. Several HUD issues have been addressed, and HUD performance and overall stability have been improved. This is, as always, a free update.

Antonio Esfandiari Wins WPT Five Diamond
09 December 2010

The World Poker Tour just keeps on delivering. This year's Five Diamond World Poker Classic event at Bellagio produced an all-star final table of ten, and the TV table of six should make for some great WPT episodes. Of the "TV Six," Ted Lawson is the least well-known, but he's won a WSOP bracelet and has over $2.4 million in tournament prize money worldwide. Some very familiar faces rounded out the TV table: Antonio Esfandiari, Andrew Robl, Vanessa Rousso, John Racener, and Kirk Morrison.

Mr. Esfandiari prevailed after some high-variance short-handed play and a 2.5 hour heads-up battle against Mr. Robl. He takes home the $870k first place prize, which includes his $25.5k entry into next May's WPT Championship, and of course the coveted WPT bracelet. This is his second WPT victory, and we can't wait for the episodes to air.

Congratulations Antonio!

Visit the official WPT live update page for all the details.
Jonathan Duhamel Wins 2010 WSOP Main Event
09 November 2010

Jonathan Duhamel and John Racener faced off for the last time at the Rio's Penn & Teller Theater, in the final heads-up battle of the 2010 World Series of Poker. Racener struggled against Duhamel's 6-to-1 chip advantage and his own dwindling stack, and managed to double up when he became dangerously low on chips.

But Duhamel's tough big-stack play proved too much to overcome. After only about 2 hours of play, Duhamel's ace jack held against Racener's king eight and the room exploded in cheers. The hoodie came off, Duhamel yelled in joy, hefted bricks of cash, got lifted in the air by his on-stage rooting section, and congratulated his worthy opponent. And, perhaps most importantly, he received the coveted WSOP Main Event winner's bracelet.

Félicitations Jonathan!

Visit the official WSOP event results page for information on all 2010 WSOP events.
WSOP 2010 November Nine Play Down to Two
07 November 2010

After more than three months, the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event November Nine returned to the Rio to determine who will play heads-up for the title. Action moved to the Penn & Teller Theater and took on a UFC flavor as players were introduced and walked up to the stage behind their own ring girl holding up their seat number.

And the event lived up to its hype. There were dramatic hands, huge chip swings, and massive meltdowns to whip the fans into a frenzy. We were there, and we took photos and blogged the action.

Play lasted about 14 hours, and the last men standing were Jonathan Duhamel and John Racener. The two will return to the Rio to fight for the title on Monday night, and Racener will face a steep uphill battle. Duhamel has a huge chip lead, with about 189 million chips, and Racener trails with about 31 million.

Of course, just about anything can happen in poker, and we will be there for it all. We will be tweeting and blogging from the rail as the champion is crowned.

The seven eliminated players and their prize winnings are as follows:

  Player Finish Winnings
  Joseph Cheong 3rd $4,130,049
  Filippo Candio 4th $3,092,545
  Michael Mizrachi 5th $2,332,992
  John Dolan 6th $1,772,959
  Jason Senti 7th $1,356,720
  Matthew Jarvis 8th $1,045,743
  Soi Nguyen 9th    $811,823

Visit the official WSOP event results page for information on all 2010 WSOP events.
Sam El Sayed Wins WPT Amnéville
06 November 2010

The inaugural WPT Amnéville event at Seven Casino was quite a success, attracting 542 entrants into the €3200 + €300 main event. The World Poker Tour added yet more credibility to the "World" in its name, and the diverse final table featured players from Switzerland, Lebanon, and of course France. Including a true poker beauty in the person of Nesrine Kourdourli.

Mr. El Sayed defeated them all and took the €426K top prize plus a $25K entry fee into the Bellagio WPT Season 9 Championship. Félicitations Sam!

Jeff Forrest Wins WPT Foxwoods
03 November 2010

First time's the charm! Jeff Forrest was happy simply to make the money at Foxwoods, as it was his first attempt at playing a World Poker Tour. He exceeded his wildest expectations and took down the winners prize of $549K by defeating 241 other hopefuls, each of whom paid $10K to play. From the WPT live updates, it was a wild TV table, so it should make for great TV viewing.

Foxwoods' remote location in the forests of Mashantucket, Connecticut, tends to keep fields fairly small. This year was no exception, and attendance was down from last year's 353 entrants. No doubt the concurrent EPT Vienna event, with a lower buyin, larger field, and bigger prize pool, reduced the number of European players. But a win is a win, so congratulations to Jeff!

Randal Flowers Wins WPT Festa al Lago
21 October 2010

The World Poker Tour has crowned another two-time winner. Randal Flowers bested a field of 335 to win $831k, the coveted WPT bracelet, and bragging rights. There are only thirteen people with multiple WPT wins and at just 22, Mr. Flowers is the youngest. This gives Mr. Flowers two age-related WPT records, since he became the youngest WPT winner last year at age 21. Congratulations!

The World Poker Tour appears to be thriving after its recent makeover, and Executive Tour Director Matt Savage has made changes to increase its popularity with players and fans alike. Attendance at the Bellagio Festa al Lago was up almost 22% over last year's 275. This was due in part to the reduced entry fee, down to $10k from last year's $15k. But more significantly, this year's Festa al Lago did not overlap any European Poker Tour events. Last year's EPT Warsaw event ran at the same time as last year's Festa al Lago, which no doubt hurt attendance here.

Apple Special Event: "Back to the Mac"
20 October 2010

This morning, Apple CEO Steve Jobs and several Apple engineering and marketing executives hit the stage to introduce new Mac software and hardware. iLife '11 and FaceTime for Mac are available now, the Mac App Store will come online within 90 days, and next generation of Mac OS X, 10.7 "Lion", will be available next summer. As had been widely expected, "Lion" will incorporate many iOS features, including multi-touch, Launchpad with instant access to all your apps and widgets, and quick switching between full-screen apps.

And the rumors of a revamped line of MacBook Air laptops were proven correct. Mr. Jobs announced two all-new aluminum unibody MacBook Airs, with 11.6" and 13.3" screens, improved battery life, and no optical or magnetic disc drives. Mass storage in the new MacBook Airs will be handled with flash memory chips instead of more bulky HDD or SSD technologies. They are, as Mr. Jobs said, what would result "if a MacBook and an iPad hooked up." And, more seriously, Apple's web site bills the MacBook Air as "The next generation of MacBooks."

The 11.6" MacBook Air can be equipped with either 64GB or 128GB of flash storage, and the 13.3" MacBook Air can be equipped with either 128GB or 256GB of flash storage. Both models are 0.68" thick at the hinge and taper to 0.11" at the leading edge. The 11.6" MacBook Air weighs 2.3 pounds and starts at $999, and the 13.3" MacBook Air weights 2.9 pounds and starts at $1299.

Apple Announces Another Record Quarter
19 October 2010

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer announced record September quarter numbers in a conference call with financial analysts Monday. Apple reported $20.34 billion in revenue, for its first $20+ billion quarter. This represents a 67% increase over last year's September quarter. The company also broke its iPhone and Mac sales records, although iPod unit sales were down slightly.

“The September quarter was the culmunation of a monumental year for Apple,” said Mr. Oppenheimer. And he went on to predict a huge holiday quarter this year.

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.5.1
14 October 2010

Your friendly neighborhood Mac poker software company (FlopTech Engineering) has released FlopZoom 1.5.1, which addresses several issues. The HUD positions for all themes and seat counts have been re-arranged for Full Tilt and Poker Stars. In addition, there are several cosmetic and stability improvements to playback and the statistics and analysis panes. This is, as always, a free update.

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.5
30 September 2010

FlopTech Engineering (that's us again) has released FlopZoom 1.5 with several major new features. There is an all-new results pane for tracking the individual wins and losses and bankrolls of up to four players. Hero results can be viewed separately or added together, and bankroll adjustments can be made in either U.S. Dollars or Euros. There are extensive filters for narrowing the graph down to specific types of sessions, and results can be graphed over any interval from a single hour to an entire career.

FlopZoom 1.5 also adds seven new statistics to the statistics pane graph, improves the accuracy of several statistics, and resolves several issues. This version starts a new 30-day trial period for all users who have let older versions of FlopZoom expire and will require a database rebuild on launch for all users. And as always, this is a free update for all registered users.

James Bord Wins WSOPE Main Event

James Bord is your World Series of Poker Europe Main Event Champion! The UK pro outlasted a field of 346 players, each of whom paid a substantial £10,350 for their chance at the title. Mr. Bord's prize is £830,401, or roughly $1,312,886.96 USD. Well worth the grueling five days of actual playing time.

It was quite an ordeal, considering the massive talent remaining until day four. Phil Ivey, Hoyt Corkins, and Greg Mueller represented North America. Jani Sointula and Viktor Blom represented Scandinavia. Barny Boatman and Roland de Wolfe were among those defending UK honor on their home turf. Mr. de Wolfe was the only one of these powerhouse name players to make the final table.

Final table play lasted nearly 13 hours on the wall clock, and in the end it was Mr. Bord who strapped the bracelet to his wrist in London's Casino at the Empire. Congratulations James!

Jake Cody Wins WPT London

The World Poker Tour extended its international reach to swinging London town, and a home town boy made good. Jake Cody was last man standing out of 171 contenders, each of which paid £5k in their losing bids to win. Mr. Cody beat yet another ultra-tough WPT TV table for what should be a great show. He adds the top prize of £274k to his bankroll and a WPT bracelet to his collection of poker jewelry which already includes an EPT bracelet. Congratulations Jake!

If Mr. Cody's emo-rocker-in-a-hoodie look isn't your thing, check out the WPT's Royal Flush girls instead! They're six non-blondes who absolutely light up the room when they walk in. Only four of them appear at any one event, and trust us, any more than four at a time would be overwhelming. We can't wait to see them again.

Apple Special Event News

Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the spotlight this morning and announced major updates to iOS 4, the iPod line, iTunes, and Apple TV. iOS 4.1 (with several new features including TV show rentals) will be available for iPhone and iPod touch next week, and the hotly anticipated iOS 4.2 (with multi-tasking and AirPlay video streaming) will be available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in November.

And, as expected, the iPod shuffle, nano, and touch have all been udpated. The shuffle has a clickwheel again, the nano has shrunk to half its previous size with a square multi-touch screen, and the touch is now essentially an iPhone 4 without the phone.
iTunes 10 will be available for download today, and includes a new social music network feature called Ping. Ping lets you share your musical interests with others and lets you follow your friends and favorite artists. Ping will be available in the Mac OS, Windows, and iOS versions of iTunes.
This year's "one more thing" is actually "one more hobby": a radically redesigned Apple TV. The new device's footprint is only one fourth that of the previous model, and its software has been streamlined for ease of use. Apple TV now only allows renting content to eliminate storage management issues. And it streams content from the internet as well as Macs and PCs to eliminate syncing. Netflix subscribers can now stream content through Apple TV.
Andy Frankenberger Wins WPT Legends

The World Poker Tour returned to Southern California's Bicycle Casino for the Legends of Poker event. This year's buyin was reduced to $5k to attract more entrants, and it worked. 462 players started this year's event, a 66% increase over last year's 278. The "Matt Savage Era" of the WPT just keeps getting better.

Andy Frankenberger won the event at 2:09 AM, defeating Kyle Wilson on the sixth hand of heads-up play. Mr. Frankenberger won $750k for his efforts, and although the top prize was down from last year's cool million, the money and title are well worth fighting for. Congratulations Andy!

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.4.6 Update

FlopZoom 1.4.6 resolves two minor issues related to hand history files. These issues occurred when launching FlopZoom with no hand history files in the default folders, and when navigating to non-default folders. This update is recommended for users who experienced these issues, but is not a critial update.

November Nine Videos

We've cherry-picked some of the best videos featuring each of this year's November Nine players. Here they are for each player in order of stack size, with a key quote from each video:

  Player Link Key Quote
  Jonathan Duhamel Card Player "I was a student in finance last year."
  John Dolan Poker Listings "I don't think the final table will play quite that tight."
  Joseph Cheong Poker News Daily "I tried to put some pressure on people. It didn't work out."
  John Racener Poker Listings "You want to go up right away, which is big in my game."
  Matthew Jarvis Poker Listings "I'm gonna try and just move up the ladder."
  Filippo Candio Poker Listings "I'd like to study a lot for this final table."
  Michael Mizrachi Card Player TV "I'm more dangerous with a short stack than a big stack."
  Soi Nguyen Poker News Daily "I can assure you that I'm the least experienced."
  Jason Senti Card Player "I can be a ninja."

It should be interesting to watch the clash of the experienced live players vs. online phenoms vs. the relative newcomers in November. On the other hand, there might be several quick bustouts. Senti and Nguyen will be critically short stacked when play resumes. In fact, few of the players have a comfortable chip count because the 10th place bubble lasted for several levels. Good luck to the November Nine!

Visit www.WSOP.com for bios, pix, and all the details on this year's November Nine.
WSOP Main Event Day 8 - Your November Nine

It took nearly 18 hours on the clock to fight down to 18 players, and it took almost 6 hours to eliminate Brandon Steven on the bubble in 10th place. But, finally, the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event "November Nine" have been determined.

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi played in his fearless and aggressive style to work his way up from 16th to 7th in chips. Hasan Habib started the day last in chips but his brilliant short-stack play allowed him to survive, finishing 14th after more than 9 hours.
Jonathan Duhamel leads with a massive 65.96 million chips, and Jason Senti trails with
7.63 million chips.

Bustouts came rapidly during the day, but play slowed down in the evening and early morning. And we might have arrived at the November Nine earlier had Filippo Candio not doubled up with 7-5 by cracking Joseph Cheong's aces in a horrendous bad beat. But it's poker. It happens.

We were there to photograph the action, and we congratulate the November Nine and wish them luck.

The November Nine and their stacks, courtesy of WSOP.com:

  Rank Chips Name
  1st 65,975,000 Jonathan Duhamel
  2nd 46,250,000 John Dolan
  3rd 23,525,000 Joseph Cheong
  4th 19,050,000 John Racener
  5th 16,700,000 Matthew Jarvis
  6th 16,400,000 Filippo Candio
  7th 14,450,000 Michael Mizrachi
  8th 9,650,000 Soi Nguyen
  9th 7,625,000 Jason Senti

Miscellaneous notes:

- Jonathan Duhamel multiplied his stack by a factor of 6.27 on day 8 to end play as the chip leader.
- Average stack is 24.4 million, level 36 blinds are 50k/250k/500k, giving an average M of 20.3 or 48.8 big blinds.
- Only the top two stacks are above the chip average.
- Chip leader Jonathan Duhamel's stack of 65.975 million gives him an M of 55 or 132 big blinds.
- Short stack Jason Senti's stack of 7.625 million gives him an M of 6.35 or 15.25 big blinds.

Read our day 8 photo blog.

Visit the official WSOP event results page for information on all 2010 WSOP events.
WSOP Main Event Day 7 - Down to 27 Players

The field lost 51 players in less than 12 hours on day 7, but Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi survived some wild swings and actually increased his stack by 800k. He ended the day below average in chips but not in immediate danger. Other former chip leaders were eliminated, including Theo Jorgensen who had led at the start of the day.

We were there to cover the action from the rail, and we will be there again on day 8 as the November Nine are decided.

The top ten chip leaders at the end of day 7 courtesy of WSOP.com:

  Rank Chips Name
  1st 24,490,000 Joseph Cheong
  2nd 23,100,000 Cuong Nguyen
  3rd 15,780,000 Pascal LeFrancois
  4th 13,550,000 Jason Senti
  5th 13,300,000 Matthew Jarvis
  6th 12,515,000 Matt Affleck
  7th 10,520,000 Jonathan Duhamel
  8th 10,470,000 John Racener
  9th 10,020,000 Fillipo Candio
  10th 9,885,000 Benjamin Statz

Miscellaneous notes:

- Michael Mizrachi dropped from 2nd to 16th in rank despite increasing his stack by 800k.
- Theo Jorgensen started play on day 8 with the chip lead but was eliminated in 30th place.
- The average stack is now 8.132 million and level 30 blinds are 15k/60k/120k, giving an average M of 25.8.
- Chip leader Joseph Cheong's stack of 24.49 million gives him an M of 77.7.
- The shortest stack belongs to Hasan Habib with 1.51 million for an M of 4.79. (Good luck, Hasan!)

We will post the November Nine chip stacks after play has concluded for the day. And we will be tweeting and blogging from the rail at the Rio from day 5 onward.

Visit the official WSOP event results page for information on all 2010 WSOP events.
Moritz Kranich Wins Bellagio Cup WPT

Season nine of the World Poker Tour is underway, and there are several great changes for this season. First, the amazing Matt Savage has been hired on as Executive Tour Director. He has done a fantastic job as Tournament Director for many high-profile poker events, and the WPT stands to benefit with him on their management team.

Next, the Royal Flush Girls will grace each WPT event with their presence throughout the main event. Trust us - they're four of the hottest women we've ever seen, and they look great on camera too. And speaking of hotties, Kimberly Lansing has returned to the WPT as the new "anchor" for each WPT main event. She will be present for all days of WPT televised events to give her on-air interviews and updates more depth. We missed her, and we're sure many WPT fans did as well.

As for the tournament, Phil Ivey made a record 9th WPT final table appearance. Mr. Ivey has cashed 10 times and made the final table on 9 of those events, an incredible feat. But he didn't manage to win his second WPT title, finishing in third place.

Moritz Kranich of Germany was the eventual winner, but he caught lucky cards after all the chips were in the middle to win several key hands. Mr. Kranich faced the phenomenal Justin "BoostedJ" Smith in heads-up play, and frankly he was lucky to win some key all-in hands to defeat Mr. Smith. He takes the $8.75 million first place prize plus a Rolex, a WPT bracelet, and an entry into WPT Championship IX. Congratulations Moritz!

WSOP Main Event Day 6 - 78 Left, Chan Out

Day 6 saw a drastic drop in player count. Only 78 players remain, and each of them is guaranteed $94,942. The next pay jump, of $10k, happens at 72 players, but the pay jump at 63 players will be for $24k, so there might be a short-stack slidefest when the players reach that milestone.

Johnny Chan will need to wait until 2011 to take another shot at his 11th WSOP bracelet. He was eliminated in the afternoon after running big pairs into the biggest pair
(KK vs. AA then JJ vs. AA).

And, once again, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi is the last of "Team Mizrachi" remaining in this year's World Series of Poker. Brother Robert was eliminated, but Michael ended the day 2nd in chips.

The top ten chip leaders at the end of day 6 courtesy of WSOP.com:

  Rank Chips Name
  1st 9,295,000 Theo Jorgensen
  2nd 7,535,000 Michael Mizrachi
  3rd 7,200,000 John Racener
  4th 6,570,000 Jonathan Driscoll
  5th 6,525,000 William Thorson
  6th 6,125,000 Matthew Jarvis
  7th 5,950,000 Edward Ochana
  8th 5,715,000 Alexander Kostritsyn
  9th 5,650,000 Cuong Nguyen
  10th 5,555,000 Joseph Cheong

Miscellaneous notes:

- The average stack is now 2.815 million and level 21 blinds are 5k/20k/40k, giving an average M of 26.8.
- Chip leader Theo Jorgensen's stack of 9.925 million gives him an M of 94.5.
- The shortest stack belongs to Jeff Banghart with 645,000 for an M of 6.1.
- Jean-Robert Bellande has the fourth shortest stack with 700,000.

We will be posting daily news articles with top ten chip leaders until the November Nine have been decided. And we will be tweeting and blogging from the rail at the Rio from day 5 onward.

Visit the official WSOP event results page for information on all 2010 WSOP events.
WSOP Main Event Day 5 - Less Than 200 Left

Just 205 players remain after day 5, in part because of the mad flurry of 37 bustouts in the last hour of play. Unfortunately for the Mizrachi family, Danny Mizrachi was one of the day's casualties. But Michael "The Grinder" and Robert "Who's Bad" are still in.

Johnny Chan moved up into ninth position with 2.559 million chips, and Theo Jorgensen and Matt Affleck remain in the top ten.

The top ten chip leaders at the end of day 5 courtesy of WSOP.com:

  Rank Chips Name
  1st 3,564,000 Evan Lamprea
  2nd 3,527,000 Michael Skender
  3rd 3,357,000 Joseph Cheong
  4th 3,186,000 Duy Le
  5th 3,088,000 Theo Jorgensen
  6th 2,902,000 Bryn Kenney
  7th 2,896,000 Matt Affleck
  8th 2,564,000 Alexander Kostritsyn
  9th 2,559,000 Johnny Chan
  10th 2,442,000 Sebastian Panny

Miscellaneous notes:

- The average stack is now 1.07 million and level 21 blinds are 2k/8k/16k, giving an average M of 25.5.
- Chip leader Evan Lamprea's stack of 3.564 million gives him an M of 84.9.
- Johnny Chan's 2.559 million chips give him an M of 60.9.

We will be posting daily news articles with top ten chip leaders until the November Nine have been decided. And we will be tweeting and blogging from the rail at the Rio from day 5 onward.

Visit the official WSOP event results page for information on all 2010 WSOP events.
WSOP Main Event Day 4 - In the Money

Only 576 players are left standing at the end of day 4, and all of them are going to get paid. The money bubble burst when 747 of today's 1,203 players were left. Including all four of the Mizrachi brothers and the seemingly unstoppable Johnny Chan.

Chan remains among the chip leaders in 14th position with 1.16 million. And one of our favorite pros, Phil Galfond, is now fifth in chips.

The top ten chip leaders at the end of day 4, courtesy of WSOP.com:

  Rank Chips Name
  1st 1,546,000 Tony Dunst
  2nd 1,460,000 Duy Le
  3rd 1,440,000 Garrett Adelstein
  4th 1,395,000 Matt Affleck
  5th 1,392,000 Phil Galfond
  6th 1,373,000 Matt Jarvis
  7th 1,340,000 Theo Jorgensen
  8th 1,283,000 Ben Statz
  9th 1,240,000 Bryan Pellegrino
  10th 1,203,000 Matthew Brown

Miscellaneous notes:

- The top 18 players all have more than 1 million chips.
- The average stack is now 381k and level 17 blinds are 1k/3k/6k, giving an average M of 21.2.
- Chip leader Tony Dunst's stack of 1.546 million gives him an M of 85.9.
- Johnny Chan's 1.159 million chips give him an M of 64.4.
- Eric Mizrachi busted in the money, but his brothers Donny (437k), Robert (405k), and Michael (241k) are still in.
- Notable bustouts: Annie Duke, Barry Greenstein, Kathy Liebert, J.J. Liu, Matt Savage, Erica Schoenberg, Robert Varkonyi.

We will be posting daily news articles with top ten chip leaders until the November Nine have been decided. And we will be tweeting and blogging from the rail at the Rio from day 5 onward.

Visit the official WSOP event results page for information on all 2010 WSOP events.
WSOP Main Event Day 3 - Chan in Top 10

All 2,559 of this year's remaining hopefuls played in a single room for the first time on Monday. And one of today's biggest stories is that the "Orient Express" himself is making a run at a third Main Event win. Johnny "F***in'" Chan ended the day ninth in chips, putting him in great position to go all the way.

And believe it or not, all of the Mizrachi brothers are all still in. Michael, Robert, Eric, and rookie Donny will be playing day 4, with Michael and Robert both going after their second bracelets.

There will be no repeat Main Event win for Joe Cada, as he was eliminated on day 3. And two WPT stars are still in with a chance: Matt Savage and Vince Van Patten have both made it through to day 4.

The top ten chip leaders at the end of day 3:

  Rank Chips Name
  1st 803,000 James Carroll
  2nd 741,000 Imari Love
  3rd 733,700 Gerasimos Deres
  4th 687,200 Max Casal
  5th 669,000 Josh Brikis
  6th 666,200 Arie Kliper
  7th 657,700 Andrew Brown
  8th 656,400 Johnny Lodden
  9th 636,000 Johnny Chan
  10th 616,800 Rafal Michalowski

Miscellaneous notes:

- Average chip stack at the start of the day was 85,800, level 9 blinds were 100/500/1,000, for an average M of 35.8.
- Average chip stack at the end of the day is 177,000, level 13 blinds are 300/1200/2,400, for an average M of 28.1.
- Chip leader James Carroll's stack of 803,000 gives him an M of 127.
- Johnny Chan's 636,000 chips give him an M of 100.
- Notable bustouts: Bill Chen, Joe Cada, Jennifer Harman, Eugene Katchalov, Billy Kopp, Phil Laak, Chris Moneymaker,
   Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Rousso, Erik Seidel, and David Williams.

We will be posting daily news articles with top ten chip leaders until the November Nine have been decided. And we will be tweeting and blogging from the rail at the Rio from day 5 onward.

Visit the official WSOP event results page for information on all 2010 WSOP events.
The 2010 WSOP Main Event So Far...

This year's WSOP Main Event is already half over in terms of playing days. But the field hasn't even been together in one room yet. At the end of day 2b, roughly 2,600 of the 7,319 total players remain, and they'll take Sunday off. On Monday, day 3, they will finally play as a single group. And maybe even reach the money.

Here are the chip leaders at the end of each day of play so far:

Day Rank Chips Name
1a 1st 228,200 Corwin Cole
  2nd 191,125 Dwyen Ringbauer
3rd 142,650 Michael Mizrachi
1b 1st 201,050 James Danielson
  2nd 167,300 Filippo Candio
  3rd 155,225 Robert Miller
1c 1st 169,900 Mathieu Sauriol
  2nd 163,700 Johnny Chan
  3rd 155,350 Andrew Liporace
1d 1st 187,150 Steve Billirakis
  2nd 170,525 Khamsy Nuanmanee
  3rd 170,275 Steven Tabb
2a 1st 340,100 Boulos Estafanous
  2nd 337,000 Randy Dorfman
  3rd 316,200 Jesper Hougaard
2b 1st 387,800 David Assouline
  2nd 380,000 Ricardo Fasanaro
  3rd 337,800 Matt Reed

A few miscellaneous notes:

- First prize is $8,944,138, up only 4.7% from last year's $8,546,435 despite a 12.7% increase in field size (6,494 to 7,319).
- This year's Main Event field of 7,319 is the second largest in history. The record is 8,773 players in 2006.
- Phil Hellmuth busted on day 1c, so his WSOP bracelet record will remain at 11.
- Phil Ivey will neither win multiple bracelets this year nor repeat his November Nine appearance, having busted on day 2b.
- Doyle Brunson busted on day 2b, leaving only Johnny Chan with a chance to tie Hellmuth's bracelet record.

We will be posting daily news articles with chip leaders until the November Nine have been decided. And we will be tweeting and blogging from the rail at the Rio from day 5 onward.

Visit the official WSOP event results page for information on all 2010 WSOP events.
The 2010 WSOP Champions So Far...

We've updated the list of the $10K and greater buy-in World Championship event winners in this year's WSOP. The only remaining Championship event is the Main Event, and we won't know the winner until November. So why wait?

We'll be tweeting and blogging from the Main Event rail as the field is reduced to the November Nine. Last year, Phil Ivey made the November Nine but just couldn't get anything going at the final table. Could he go all the way this year?
Event Winner Prize Buyin & Title
#2 Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi $1.5M $50K Players Championship (8-game mix)
#10 Men "The Master" Nguyen $395K $10K Seven Card Stud
#15 Frank Kassela $447K $10K Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better
#19 David "WhooooKidd" Baker $294K $10K 2-7 Draw Lowball (No-Limit)
#25 Ihsan "Sammy" Farha $488K $10K Omaha Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better
#29 Matt Keikoan $426k $10K Limit Hold-em
#35 Ayaz Mahmood $626k $10K Heads-Up No Limit Hold-em
#38 Valdemar Kwaysser $617k $10K Pot Limit Hold-em
#43 Ian Gordon $612k $10K HORSE
#52 Dan "djk123" Kelly $1.3m $25K 6-handed No Limit Hold-em
#55 Daniel Alaei $780k $10K Pot Limit Omaha

And Huck Seed took $500k for winning the 2010 WSOP Tournament of Champions invitational freeroll, which featured one of the toughest fields in history. Visit the official WSOP event results page for information on all 2010 WSOP events.
WSOP and Apple News Link Dump

We're all about poker and Apple, so we've mashed up a some links to events in both of those worlds.

Some of our favorite players won their first WSOP bracelets, and another of our favorites picked up his 8th:

CardPlayerPhil Ivey wins his 8th WSOP bracelet
Bluff MagazineGavin Smith wins his first WSOP bracelet
PokerListingsChris Bell talks about his first WSOP bracelet win

Apple released its feverishly anticipated iPhone 4 amid more than a little controversy surrounding signal strength and the "death grip":

CNNApple sells 600k iPhones on first day of sales
Apple1.7 million iPhone 4s sold in first three days
AnandtechiPhone 4 reception tested and explained

Oh, and one more thing. Microsoft has killed off the Kin:

CNETThe Kin is dead
EngadgetWhy did the Kin die?

Phil Ivey Wins 8th WSOP Bracelet

He's perhaps the best all-around poker player in the world, he's won his 8th World Series of Poker event, and he's got the bracelet to prove it. Phil Ivey overcame a smallish but very tough field to win the $3K H.O.R.S.E. event. Poker math wizard Bill Chen put up a good fight in heads-up play, and at one time during 3-handed play he held roughly 75% of the chips in play.

The win puts Mr. Ivey in a tie with Erik Seidel for fifth place in WSOP bracelets. Only Phil Hellmuth (11), Doyle Brunson (10), Johnny Chan (10), and Johnny Moss (9) have more. And Mr. Ivey is a relatively youthful 33, so he has decades to win even more bracelets.

Mr. Ivey is a legendary prop better, and he has stated publicly that he has quite a lot of side action on bracelet bets. Rumor has it that after he won, he asked "So how much is it for first place anyway?" (Answer: $329,840.) Congratulations Phil, and good luck during the remainder of the 2010 WSOP.

The 2010 WSOP Champions (So Far)

We've prepared a list of just the $10K and greater buy-in World Championship event winners at roughly the halfway point in this year's WSOP. So far there have been five World Championship events if you include the $50K Poker Players Championship.

There are still six more World Championship events including the Main Event. We'll be tweeting and blogging from the Main Event rail as the excitement and pressure build toward this year's November Nine.

Here they are, your 2010 Championship event winners to date:

Event Winner Prize Buyin & Title
#2 Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi $1.5M $50K Players Championship (8-game mix)
#10 Men "The Master" Nguyen $395K $10K Seven Card Stud
#15 Frank Kassela $447K $10K Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better
#19 David "WhooooKidd" Baker $294K $10K 2-7 Draw Lowball (No-Limit)
#25 Ihsan "Sammy" Farha $488K $10K Omaha Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better
Apple Inc. Announces iPhone 4 and iOS4

Steve Jobs officially revealed Apple's worst-kept secret this morning. Most of the impressive physical details of the widely leaked next-gen design were correct, but the software improvements have leapfrogged iPhone 4 a whole generation ahead of all competitors.

Headlining the new hardware features are a brand new industrial design with flat front and back glass panels, a new CPU, an ultra-high resolution display, a three-axis gyroscopic motion sensor, an improved main camera with built-in illumination and high definition video recording, and a secondary video chat camera. The new iOS4, formerly known as iPhone OS 4, supports iMovie for iPhone (a $4.99 app), and includes a new FaceTime video chat app, a new folder feature for organizing apps, and many other new user-facing features and new APIs for developers to use.

iPhone 4 also boasts vastly improved battery life and is 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS. It will be available with front and back glass panels in black or white and with either 16GB or 32GB of flash RAM.

AT&T will continue to be the sole U.S. carrier for iPhone 4. U.S. prices will be the same as for the current 3GS: $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model. Pre-orders begin on June 15th and availability will begin on June 24th in the U.S., France, Germany, the U.K., and Japan. Availability in increasing numbers of countries will begin in July and continue through September, by which time iPhone 4 will be available in 88 countries around the world.

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi Wins WSOP $50K

This year's inaugural WSOP $50K Poker Players Championship featured the world's best players and added three more poker variants to last year's $50K H.O.R.S.E. mix. Mr. Mizrachi started the final table of 8 as chip leader, but suffered some serious swings before ultimately defeating Vladimir Schmelev heads-up. And he had to bust his brother Robert along the way.

It was an emotionally charged, grueling NLH match, with at least one brutal river card of doom, and we were there until the bittersweet end. We are extremely happy for Grinder, his family, friends, and fans. This is guaranteed to be an awesome ESPN show, so don't miss it!

Ali Tekintamac Wins WPT Spanish Championship

The World Poker Tour main event in Barcelona attracted 326 players, generated a €1.3 million prize pool, and Ali Tekintamac took the lion's share (€421K) for the win. Congratulations to Ali and the WPT on yet another successful international event!

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.4.5 Update

We have released FlopZoom 1.4.5, which resolves two specific HUD issues with Full Tilt tournaments: table changes on certain MTTs caused the HUD to intermittantly appear, and playing multiple tournaments sometimes caused the HUD to intermittantly appear. In addition, overall HUD stability has been improved for Full Tilt and Poker Stars. This update is recommended for all FlopZoom users, especially those who play on Full Tilt.

Theo Jorgensen Wins WPT Grand Prix de Paris

Question - What could be better than Paris in the Spring?
Answer - Paris in the Spring plus lots of money.
And that's what Theo Jorgensen is enjoying right now (if he's still in Paris). He won the WPT Grand Prix de Paris, outlasting the 247 player field and taking the €633,902 top prize. Mr. Jorgensen started as the big stack, took some hits, but came back with a vengeance. And once he had eliminated the medium stacks, it was as easy as a (very brief) stroll through the Jardin de Luxembourg. Congratulations Theo!

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.4.4 Update

FlopTech Engineering (that's us again) has released FlopZoom 1.4.4, which resolves an issue on launch that occurred on some Mac OS X 10.4 systems and an issue that caused some Full Tilt hand history files to be ignored. This update is strongly recommended for all FlopZoom users, especially those who are using Mac OS X 10.4 systems and/or playing on Full Tilt.

Nicolas Chouity Wins 2010 EPT Grand Final

The European Poker Tour 2009-2010 season has ended on a high note in Monaco. Particularly for Nicolas Chouity, who crushed the final table like Godzilla crushed Tokyo. Except that Godzilla didn't take home €1.7 million when he was done. Chouity defeated the huge 848 runner field, each of whom paid €10K to experience said crushing.

The EPT in general had a great year, and we're looking forward to the 2010-2011 season. Congratulations to the EPT and Nicolas!
FlopTech Publishes FlopZoom Video Tips

It's one thing to read about FlopZoom's features, and another thing entirely to see them in action. We've posted the first three in a series of video tips for your enjoyment, and there are many more to come.

We will also be creating a YouTube channel in the near future. Our promise to you: "No boring narration. Ever."
FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.4.3 Update

We've released FlopZoom 1.4.3, which resolves an issue on launch caused by some Full Tilt sessions and an issue that caused some Full Tilt hand history files to be skipped. This update is strongly recommended for all FlopZoom users, especially those who play on Full Tilt.

David Williams Wins 2010 WPT Championship

David Williams has changed a lot since 2004. He's got more hair, more experience, and he takes more time to think things through before he acts. And now he's got a WPT Championship bracelet. He beat 194 other runners to take the $1.5 million top prize at Bellagio, and our man was there.

Every year, the Poker Gods crank up the drama for this particular event. There were shocking river cards and monster vs. monster bustouts to keep things lively. And in the end, Mr. Williams beat the odds and all of his opponents. Congratulations David!

Liv Boeree Wins San Remo EPT Event

You might not have seen her in the WC in Maxim (we certainly have), but you'll be seeing her in all the poker magazines very soon. Liv Boeree, one of our favorite women, has won the European Poker Tour San Remo event. She adds a cool €1.25 million to her roll, courtesy of the record field of 1,238 other players, each of whom donated €5,300 to her fund.

The ladies are on a roll of late, with Vanessa Selbst picking up her first WPT victory, Vanessa Rousso narrowly missing the WPT Mohegan Sun final table, and J.J. Liu and Heather Sue Mercer going deep in the WPT Championship. Congratulations Liv, and good luck at the EPT Grand Final in Monaco!

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.4.2 Update

FlopTech Engineering (yours truly) has released FlopZoom 1.4.2, which resolves an issue causing certain Full Tilt hand history files to be ignored. This update is strongly recommended for all FlopZoom users, especially those who play on Full Tilt.

Vanessa Selbst Wins Mohegan Sun NAPT Event

She's already won a WSOP bracelet and you've seen her win a WPT Ladies' event on TV. And soon you can see her win first North American Poker Tour main event. 715 other players anted up $5k each for the privilege of being defeated by Ms. Selbst, whose aggressive style helped her take down yet another top prize. It was almost an all-Vanessa final table, but Vanessa Rousso was eliminated in 10th place. Congratulations to Vanessa S. and the NAPT!

Guillaume Darcourt Wins Inaugural Bucharest WPT Event

The WPT has added a little more "World" to their circuit with their newest event in Bucharest, Romania. 161 players started, and only Guillaume Darcourt was left standing at the end. Mr. Darcourt won the €125,846 top prize plus the $25,000 entry to the WPT Championship to be held later this month at Bellagio in Las Vegas. Congratulations Guillaume!

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.4

We have added four new statistics to FlopZoom 1.4: C-bets, 2-bets, 3-bets, and 4+bets. The statistics pane shows per-street data for these statistics, and features a new menu-driven interface. FlopZoom's HUD also can show these new statistics as either text or graphs.

In addition, the HUD player data panel can now be expanded to show per-street statistics as well as the average statistics. There are many other improvements and resolved issues in FlopZoom 1.4, so this is a strongly recommended upgrade.

Carlos Mortensen Wins Indiana WPT Event

Carlos "El Matador" Mortensen hasn't been in the spotlight recently, but he's broken through again. He has become the all-time WPT money winner and now shares the record for most WPT wins with Gus Hansen, at three wins each. Mr. Mortensen took the relatively small $393k top prize plus $25k entry fee to the WPT Championship to be held at Bellagio next month. We'll be there to see if Mr. Mortensen can win his second WPT Championship. Congratulations Carlos!

McLean Karr Wins Bay 101 WPT

The World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Stars event seems to always end up with an awesome final table. This year was no exception, and although it seemed like last year's marathon session could be broken, it wasn't. McLean Karr and Andy Seth outlasted veterans Phil Hellmuth and Hasan Habib and fought aggressively until the end. Mr. Karr ended up taking the $879k top prize, but it could have easily gone either way. Congratulations McLean!

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.3.2 Update

This FlopZoom release resolves several issues that can cause problems on launch: handling unsupported game types in hand history files, and cancelled or truncated hands on Full Tilt. In addition, players using the Italian version of PokerStars (PokerStars.it) will see improved support. Many other stability and cosmetic improvements are rolled into this release as well. This release is strongly recommended for all FlopZoom users.

Annie Duke Wins NBC National Heads-Up

It's been a while since we've seen Annie Duke in the winner's circle, so we're glad to see that she's taken down the 2010 NBC National Heads-Up Championship. There has been criticism of the player selection process, but there is no doubt in our minds that Annie is a deserving champion. And she had to get past none other than Erik Seidel in the final match. Congratulations Annie!

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.3.1 Update

This FlopZoom release addresses several issues, including incorrect handling of Full Tilt MTT table changes, intermittent HUD operation, and incorrect long-term interval data display in the HUD. This release also resolves several stability issues and contains many other improvements.

Kevin MacPhee Wins EPT Berlin

Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee has won the €1 million top prize at the Berlin stop of the European Poker Tour. An EPT record 945 players from 48 countries entered, making EPT Berlin the largest live poker tournament in German history. MacPhee, a 29 year old American, is a well-known online player, and seems to have successfully made the transition from online to live play. Congratulations to Kevin, the EPT, and the Grand Hyatt Berlin!

Armed Robbery at EPT Berlin

Most importantly, it appears that nobody was seriously hurt. Five or six armed men entered the Berlin Grand Hyatt Hotel and tried to take the prize money, which apparently was on display. The main event continued, but several side events were cancelled because many of the tables were overturned and chips dumped onto the floor.

But really. As fine a hotel as the Grand Hyatt Berlin undoubtedly is, hotel security simply isn't trained to protect bricks of Euros piled up on a table. And the bad guys know that. A heroic effort by the Grand Hyatt's security staff seems to have foiled the attempt.

Andras Koroknai Wins Commerce WPT

The World Poker Tour keeps roaring on, and the Los Angeles Poker Classic at the Commerce has created two new poker-made millionaires to prove it. Winner Andras Koroknai took the big prize, $1.7 million, and runner-up Raymond Dolan also cleared the cool million mark. 745 hopefuls contributed a total of nearly $7.2 million to the prize pool this year. That's 50 more players than last year, and just a few dozen short of 2007's Commerce record of 791. Congratulations to Andras!

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.3

We've done a lot of work on FlopZoom, and the new features in FlopZoom 1.3 are just the tip of the iceberg. The statistics pane now shows per-street numbers plus an overall average for Aggression Factor (AF), All-In Percentage (AIP), and Uncalled Bet Percentage (UBP). And the HUD now has an option to show many of its statistics as bar graphs, like miniature versions of the statistics pane's graphs.

The HUD can now be positioned correctly over Full Tilt 8-max tables, the AF (Aggression Factor) graphs in the statistics pane and HUD are now scaled better, and there are many other improvements as well.

FlopZoom 1.3 requires a database rebuild on first launch, and it also starts a new 30-day evaluation period for all earlier versions that have expired. And, of course, it's free!

Hoyt Corkins Wins Biloxi WPT Event

Hoyt Corkins, one of the coolest guys you could imagine, is the latest WPT Champion. His win at the Southern Poker Championship gives him his second WPT title, and although he was by far the best-known player in the "TV six", he had quite a battle on his hands. He had less than 2x the stacks of two other players at the start of the TV taping, and at one point became the short stack during 3-handed play.

Mr. Corkins bested the field of 208, scored nearly $740k for the win, and can now wear a WPT bracelet on each wrist if he wants to up his intimidation factor. Congratulations Hoyt! Next time, we'll give you that cigar we promised, brother. Got there too late on day 3 at Bellagio.

Apple Inc. Announces iPad

Mr. Jobs and company have outdone themselves this time. They have re-imagined the tired old tablet computer concept and advanced it into the 21st century. The all-new iPad is easy to use, gets great battery life, and in many ways is like a giant iPod Touch with a 9.7 inch screen. It runs games, plays movies, surfs the web, handles your email, runs all 140,000+ apps now available on the App Store, and can even run special multi-touch versions of iWork apps. There is also a new "iBooks" e-reader app and a new iBook Store through which you can purchase current book titles.

iPad syncs with iTunes just like an iPhone or iPod, all models include WiFi as a standard feature, and some models will be available with unlocked GSM SIM cards for 3G connectivity through the carrier of your choice. Two new AT&T 3G monthly data plans are available for the 3G-enabled models, if you choose to use AT&T as your carrier: $15/month for up to 250MB or $30/month unlimited. No contract is necessary with either plan, so you can cancel at any time.

iPad will be available in six models with different memory and wireless configurations, from the basic 16GB WiFi-only model for $499 to the deluxe 64GB WiFi + 3G model for $829. WiFi-only models will begin shipping in late March, and 3G-enabled models will begin shipping in late April.