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Chino Rheem Wins WPT Doyle Brunson Classic

David "Chino" Rheem has proved yet again that he's got serious poker chops. He outlasted, outplayed, and maybe even outrollercoastered 496 other players. This episode should be pretty interesting thanks to the high variance play, a couple cold deck hands, and the numerous heads-up chip lead changes. (Not to mention an AA vs. KK vs. 99 hand, which pretty much guarantees a 3-way all-in with just five players at the table.) Way to go, Chino!
FlopZoom 1.0.3 Update Released

The maniac engineers at FlopTech (yeah, us again) have unleashed another version of FlopZoom. We've updated FlopZoom with Full Tilt ring game support and added several key features and improvements. The session pane now has an optional "results" window that shows your net results in ring game sessions. And you can now choose big blind captions on the stacks graph as well as Harrington M captions.

This is a free update for all registered users, of course. The 1.0.3 update will require a database rebuild, but it will automatically add all those cash games that earlier versions skipped over. So try it out and let us know what you think:
Salvatore Bonavena Wins EPT Prague

Surprise! Max and Dario aren't the only Italians who play poker. In fact, three of the EPT Prague final table players were Italian, and they probably still are Italian. Signore Bonavena outlasted 569 opponents and outplayed a tough final table to take home the €774,000 first place prize money. Congratulazioni per il vostro vincere! (We hope that means "Congratulations on your win!")
Martin Rowe Wins APPT Grand Final

Mr. Rowe was the last of 477 players, he earned AU $1,000,000 for first place, and if he wasn't already, he's the most famous of the regulars at Sydney's Star City Casino. The APPT has enjoyed tremendous success in its two year history, with a total prize pool just barely under USD $5 million in its five-month second season alone. And if the Sydney season 2 finale is an indicator, the APPT's players are as diverse as the Asia-Pacific area itself. Congratulations to Mr. Rowe and to the APPT!
LAPT Main Event Cancelled

Wow. Looks like the Latin American Poker Tour needs to think things through a little better next time. The Mexican Ministry of the Interior shut down the Nuevo Vallarta LAPT event and confiscated the prize money during first-day play. We won't speculate on why this happened (although a raid like that does seem highly suspect.)

But we will say that PokerStars.com seems to be doing everything they can to make it up to the 89 players who were still playing when the federales swooped in. Players still in at the time of the raid were all given US $5,000 from the prize pool, then the remainder of the prize pool was distributed among them according to their stack sizes. Fair enough. And the 89 players are to play, online, in a freeroll on PokerStars.com. The final nine players of that freeroll will then be flown to Chile to play for a $50K winner-take-all cash prize and also for the title. Presumably the local government has been given plenty of advance payola notice.
Daniel Negreanu Wins BC Poker Championship

He's not a kid any more, he plays WAY more golf than he used to, but he's still the one and only Kid Poker. Mr. Negreanu may have been the biggest "home town hero" in the British Columbia Poker Championships main event, but hero or not, 689 other players were trying to take him out. For his efforts, he took down the CDN $371,910 first place prize, added to his staggering lifetime winnings, and helped increase poker's popularity in his homeland. (The River Rock Casino, home of the BC Championships, is the largest poker room in Canada, yet it surprisingly only has 25 tables.) Congratulations Daniel!
Jonathan Little Wins WPT Foxwoods

Jonathan Little seems to like the World Poker Tour, as he's now won two WPT events and final tabled several others. He bested a very tough lineup in his most recent win, defeating Mike "The Mouth" Matusow and David "The Dragon" Pham among others. Mr. Little broke the WPT record of 271 hands (that he and Scott Clements set last year) by playing 275 hands this time. Good job Jon!
Peter Eastgate Wins WSOP 2008 Main Event

Peter Eastgate became the youngest WSOP Main Event winner by defeating Ivan Demidov in a four hour heads-up battle. And in doing so, he made history. Mr. Eastgate is now the youngest-ever WSOP Main Event winner, breaking Phil Hellmuth's long-standing record. Both Eastgate and Demidov are the largest single-tournament prize winners in their respective countries (Denmark and Russia). Final table play, comprising the 9-seat Sunday session and the heads-up Monday night session, lasted far longer than any previous WSOP Main Event final table play. (Joe Hachem's 2005 victory having set the previous record at over 14 hours.) Even the blinds reached a new record: $500k / $1 million.

Mr. Eastgate's tactics worked perfectly against Mr. Demidov, who repeatedly value-bet second-best hands. Mr. Demidov played more aggressively, which is usually an advantage heads-up. But it really did seem like Mr. Eastgate made bigger hands and was able to trap. Congratulations to Mr. Eastgate on his historic win!
FlopZoom 1.0.2 Update Released

Your humble Mac poker software purveyors are proud to announce an update to our FlopZoom poker analysis tool. We've added a cool new "playback list" feature to both the statistics and analysis panes. Before, you just had to trust FlopZoom when it told you that you had two inside straight draws in a session. Now you can click on most of the statistics graph bars and any of the analysis graph bars, and those hands are instantly ready for playback.

What happened when you tried bluffing from early position? Did you win (or lose) big pots when you had big pocket pairs short-handed? What happened with your combo draws out of position? Did you steal others' blinds and defend your own blinds as often as you thought you did? Click a statistics or analysis graph bar, click back to the playback pane and you can examine each action on those hands.

The 1.0.2 update also features improved accuracy in detecting draws, plays, and bluffs, automatic session search list loading, automatic hand search list loading, and several cosmetic improvements. FlopZoom 1.0.2 will require a database rebuild, but we're sure you'll agree that it's worth it. This is a free update for all registered users. They'll all be free, so get used to it!
Bertrand Grospellier Wins WPT Festa al Lago

He's been there and done that. First at the EPT Caribbean event this January, and now at Bellagio's Festa al Lago WPT event. "ElkY" busted all five of his TV table opponents yet didn't maintain the chip lead throughout. And what a bunch of toughies they were! Among them: Nam Le, Adam "Roothlus" Levy, and Nenad Medic. Get ready for some major swings when this one hits the air. Congratulations to Mr. Grospellier on yet another major score (USD $1,411,015 to be exact.)
Glen Witmer Wins WPT Fallsview Event

Mr. Witmer faced three of the toughest tournament pros on the circuit at the "TV table": Gavin Smith, Kathy Liebert, and Marc Karam. Being the chip leader going into final-six action certainly helped, and between them, he and Gavin Smith busted the four other players. Ace-King, as ever, determined the fate of several of the players. The classic "slight underdog" and "dominating" situations arose for players holding that hand. Mr. Witmer won USD $1,090,589 for his efforts, along with a USD $25K entry into the WPT Championship next year.
FlopZoom 1.0.1 Update Released

Your humble Mac poker software purveyors are proud to announce an update to our FlopZoom poker analysis tool. The 1.0.1 update improves performance when clicking between statisticis and analysis panes and when doing a database rebuild. This release also improves the reliability and ease-of-use of FlopZoom, and is recommended for all 1.0 users. It's free, so go get it now!
Apple Releases New Generation of MacBooks

As has been widely expected, Apple Inc. released new 13-inch MacBooks and 15-inch MacBook Pros plus a new 24-inch Apple Cinema Display to go with them, all with LED backlit screens. In a press event held this morning, Steve Jobs and his team described and demonstrated the new machines. The laptops and display continue the black bordered all-glass screen design pioneered by the aluminum iMac. The new laptops feature the same keyboard used in the MacBook Air as well as a new textured glass clickable trackpad that eliminates the need for a separate click button.

A new computerized milling technique permits a stronger, lighter aluminum enclosure to be constructed for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The new machines are said to be extremely robust yet thinner and lighter than their predecessors, and they lack many of the toxic materials previously used. While the specs of the new machines are improved across the board, the biggest performance gain comes from the the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor in the consumer model, giving a claimed 5x to 6x improvement in speed over the previous graphics processor.
FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.0

FlopTech Engineering has ended the FlopZoom public beta testing period and released FlopZoom 1.0. It's a full-featured playback, statistics, and analysis package for Mac OS X. FlopZoom supports Full Tilt Texas Hold'em tournaments, and support for cash games, support for more online poker sites, and other features will be forthcoming in future releases.

We invite Mac using poker players to download it, try it out, and let us know what you think. We're pretty proud of it, but this just the beginning and there's plenty of room for improvement.

Many thanks to all who have participated in the public beta testing! We couldn't have done it without your help.
For technical support and trouble reports:
For suggestions and comments:
John Juanda Wins WSOPE Main Event

It's been a while since we've seen John Juanda go this deep in a tournament, and we're happy to see him win yet another big event. And what an endurance test it was: 484 hands in 22 hours of final table play, including 8 hours of heads-up play. Against a table of extremely tough players including Daniel Negreanu and Scott Fischman (two of our favorite players here at FlopTech.) Congratulations John!
Vivek Rajkumar Wins Borgata WPT Event

Mr. Kumar is widely known as a fast player, and sure enough, final-6 play only lasted 48 hands. That's a new WPT record. We just might see every one of those hands on the FSN broadcast of the event. Mr. Kumar won $1,424,500 for his efforts, which just may give him the WPT hourly rate record as well.
Apple Refreshes Entire iPod Line

Steve Jobs has announced iTunes 8, the new iPod nano and touch, an upgraded iPod classic, and the return of NBC to the iTunes store. In addition, the iPod shuffle has been slightly warmed over with new colors, and iPhone 2.1 software will be made available on Friday 9.12. We agree that the iPod touch is the funnest iPod ever. But we think our iPhone 3Gs are the funnestest.
FlopTech Releases FlopZoom Public Beta

Your humble Mac poker software purveyors are proud to announce a public beta of FlopZoom, a full-featured Full Tilt hand history analyzer for Mac OS X. This is a near-final version of the program. We'd like to get some user feedback, positive and negative, before we do a 1.0 release.
Apple Releases iPhone 3G

In case you haven't heard, Apple began selling the iPhone 3G on Friday July 11th, and Apple claims to have sold 1 million worldwide by the end of Sunday the 13th. Hardware upgrades over the original iPhone include faster 3G data networking, true GPS, improved speakers, and black or white plastic backs.

But the real game-changer is the iPhone 2.0 software, in our humble opinions. It turns all iPhones, including the original model, into a true software platform. Apple claims that 10 million apps were downloaded from the new App Store. If you've already got a first-gen iPhone, the 2.0 software is a must-have even if you don't get the new phone.
Scotty Nguyen Wins $50K HORSE

The Prince of Poker strikes back! Scotty Nguyen took down the most prestigious tournament in the World Series of Poker by defeating 147 extremely tough opponents. He is the first player to receive the Chip Reese Memorial trophy, created in honor of the late great poker master. And, of course, he took home the $1.9 million first prize too.

Our roving CEO "Rocket Boy" took a few days off his schedule to rail the event. He was in the grandstands for the entire final table marathon, and he'll write up a full report as soon as FlopZoom 1.0 is done. For now, let's just say that he was surprised at the enormous number of F-bombs and Michelobs...
FlopTech Announces FlopZoom

If you play poker online at Full Tilt, we've got the hookup! Soon you'll be able to play back your sessions, examine your statistics, and analyze your strengths and weaknesses all in one integrated application: FlopZoom. Zoom in on one session, or zoom out to a day's worth of sessions, a week's, a months', a year's, or even to your entire online career. Coming in July.
FlopCruncher and FlopCruncher Lite Updated

Apple is all about Leopard. Leopard runs on all current Macs, iPhones, iPod Touches, and even Apple TVs. So it's about time we updated both of our Texas Hold'em widgets to run on Leopard!
Apple Announces iPhone 3G and MobileMe

Steve Jobs presented the improved iPhone 3G along with its OS X iPhone 2.0 firmware and several nifty new applications in his keynote speech at Apple's Worldwide Developers' Conference. Several new iPhone applications were demonstrated, ranging from accelerometer-controlled games to medical imaging tools to enterprise-level security to near-live baseball play-by-play videos. Users will be able to download and purchase applications over the air from Apple's App Store.

iPhone 3G will be available in 22 countries on July 11 2008 with availability in 70 countries expected by the end of the year. AT&T will continue to be the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in the U.S., and the unlimited data plan required for iPhone activation will increase from $20/month to $30/month for the iPhone 3G. U.S. prices will be $199 for 8GB in black, $299 for 16GB in black or white. We'll take one in black.

MobileMe is the new name for a vastly upgraded .Mac online service that promises full integration of your email, calendar, contacts, photos, and web galleries between Mac, PC, and iPhone. It's a subscription based service costing USD $99 per year for individuals and USD $149 for families. A little steep, perhaps, considering that other similar services are free. iPhone 3G: $199. MobileMe: $99/year. Ad-free MobileMe experience: priceless.
David Chiu Wins 2008 WPT Championship

You might remember Mr. Chiu from his appearance on ESPN's WSOP coverage. We certainly do. He won his most recent of four WSOP bracelets in 2005, and was the most experienced player at this particular WPT TV table. Gus Hansen had a huge chip advantage going into heads-up play, but Mr. Chiu battled back to take down the massive $3,389,140 prize.
WPT Release Dispute Settled

Seen Howard Lederer, Annie Duke, Chris Ferguson, Andy Bloch, and Phil Gordon playing a WPT recently? No? Well, FYI, they were suing the WPT for violation of intellectual property rights. We understand both sides of the argument: these players' "brands" have been built in part through WPT exposure. But does the WPT really have the right to use their pix and sound bites without compensating the players? Greg Raymer and Joe Hachem originally were involved but they withdrew themselves from the lawsuit before the settlement. Mr. Hachem, in particular, has done very well in WPT events.
Eric Seidel Wins Foxwoods WPT Event

He's old school but he's not an old guy. Mr. Seidel has been around for a long time, so what's 12 hours at a WPT final table? That's right: it took 12 hours for him to beat Ted Forrest and four other determined opponents. And just a few seconds to beat the fifth. Heads-up play lasted precisely one hand. Mr. Seidel garnered $992,890 for first place and added to his already incredible track record.
Lee Markholt Wins Reno WPT Event

Mr. Markholt's bull-riding experience was ideal training for the tournament poker circuit. He's a solid, consistent pro, and if you're not a 2000 lb. steer (and who is these days?) you're not going to scare him. Well, OK, maybe David "The Dragon" Pham put a little fear factor into final table play...
Brandon Cantu Takes Bay 101 WPT Event

Some people say it's better to be lucky than good. Others, like Brandon Cantu, have shown that it's best to be both. In addition to the $1 million for first place, Mr. Cantu pocketed $40K in bounties and chip-lead bonuses. It's only $5K per Shooting Star bounty, so that's a heck of a lot of knockouts. And he got a signed t-shirt for each one.
Chris Ferguson Wins NBC National Heads-Up Championship

Finally! Chris "Jesus" Ferguson has been Mr. Consistent in these NBC Heads-up deals. He got to the finals in three of the four years it's been played and yet never won it. He was so due for a win. Now, as far as the rest of the field, most of the top poker names were invited. But, as good an actor as Don Cheadle is, and as good an athlete as Orel Hersheiser is, should they have been invited instead of, say, Daniel Alaei and John D'Agostino? And why Jason Alexander? Is he really "Good TV" enough to bump a solid poker hottie like Erica Schoenberg?
Phil Ivey Wins L.A. Poker Classic WPT Event

He's batting a thousand: eight TV tables out of eight cashes. He's fearless, he's focused, he's determined, and he was a seven time WPT final table loser until this event. Mr. Ivey finally managed to avoid the WPT death hand (ace-queen) and ended up with all the chips. It was briefly a battle of the Phils as the one and only Phillip Hellmuth Jr. made the final 6 as well. Mr. Hellmuth didn't avoid the dreaded ace-queen, as his ace-nine failed to draw out on the ace-queen of Charles Moore. Oh, the irony of it all...
Howard Lederer Wins Aussie Millions AUD $100K Buy-in Hold'em Event

"The Professor" has been doing just about everything in poker other than actually playing, but he's still got hella poker chops. On the one hand, he only had to defeat 29 opponents. On the other hand, those opponents' names included Ivey, Hansen, Ferguson, Lindgren, Seidel, Dwan, Cunningham, Bloch, and Lisandro. AUD $1.25 Million was Mr. Lederer's first place prize, but he would probably tell you it's not about the money.


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