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Eugene Katchalov Wins Doyle Brunson Classic WPT

Mr. Katchalov played a strong solid game, so when he gained the chip lead on day 4 it was bad news for everyone else. We were there, and we were glad that day 4 and the TV taping went so quickly. (Rocket Boy will be posting his trip report soon.) Last year it took forever to get down to the final 6. Mr. Katchalov only needed 53 hands to win the thing, a new record. Oh, and he took the $2,482,605 prize, the $25K seat in the WPT Championship, and a really nice bracelet for the win.
Chip Reese Passes On

David "Chip" Reese, one of the all-time greats, has left us. Mr. Reese leaves an impeccable legacy of professional achievement and personal character. We at FlopTech offer our condolences to his family and friends.
Chris Ferguson Wins WSOP Tahoe Circuit Event

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson has won his third World Series of Poker Circuit event up in the high country. Arguably one of the best tournament players ever (and surely one of the least readable players of all time), Mr. Ferguson was awarded $203,649 and his third WSOP Championship ring for his efforts.
Mike Vela Wins WPT Foxwoods Event

A relative unknown, Mike Vela, won $1,704,986 for first place, bringing his lifetime tournament winnings to $1,868,536. But it wasn't easy: he had to defeat some very tough young players including Nick Schulman, Nenad Medic, and Tom Dwan. Tough way to make an easy living? Easy living maybe. Tough for sure.
Scott Clements Wins WPT Fallsview

Mr. Clements overcame an extremely tough final table comprised of winners of previous WPT events as well as young online pros. He and Jonathan Little got into heads up play and established a new record of 271 hands at a WPT TV table. Mr. Clements earned $1,387,224 CAD and a $25,000 USD seat at the WPT World Championship next April. Well done.
Markus Lehmann Wins WPT Spanish Championship

Mr. Lehmann overcame the second shortest chip stack, a 2 hour technical delay, and two former WPT champions to take down the big money. €554,987 ($786,805 USD) to be exact. He became the first Austrian to win a WPT event. The action was fast and furious, so this should be an excellent episode.
Rhynie Campbell Wins WPT Turks & Caicos Poker Classic

Local player became local hero when Mr. Campbell won the final hand of the inaugural Turks and Caicos Poker Classic. Only 137 players had paid $7500 USD to enter the main event, which made for a relatively small prize pool for a WPT event. But Mr. Campbell's aggressive play was clearly of championship caliber. He took down $436,675 USD in a beautiful new WPT venue in the Club Med Turkoise. We can't wait to see this episode on the Game Show Network next year.
Roy Winston Wins the Borgata Poker Open WPT

It was a tough table, but Mr. Winston had the big stack going in and apparently he used it well. Making the nut flush a couple times helped too. Mr. Winston added the first place prize of $1,575,280 to the $425,000 he had already won playing poker. But he had to defeat several pros, including Mike "The Mouth" Matusow (3 WPT TV tables + 1 WPT invitational show + 2 WSOP bracelets, etc.), Haralabos "Bob" Voulgaris (2 WPT TV tables, etc.), Mark Weitzman ($382,331 in WSOP winnings, etc.), and Eugene "Eugene Todd, Bro" Todd (1 WPT TV table, etc.).
Annette Obrestad Wins WSOPE Main Event

Look out! Online poker legend Annette Obrestad (aka 'Annette_15') is destroying live games now. She made history by becoming the youngest ever World Series of Poker Main Event winner and also the first woman to win a WSOP Main Event. The 18 year old Norwegian has also surpassed Annie Duke's record for most money won in a WSOP event. She won £1,000,000 (USD $2,013,102) for defeating 362 other players in the inaugural World Series of Poker Europe. OMG! WTG LOL
Bill Edler Wins Gulf Coast WPT Event

Bill "The Stunning One" Edler came back from two chips and a chair to win the inaugural Gulf Coast Poker Championship World Poker Tour event. There were only 256 entrants, possibly due to the remoteness of Biloxi, Mississippi, and partly due to the concurrent WSOP Europe event. Nevertheless, this was the greatest comeback in WPT history, and Mr. Edler netted $747,615 for his efforts.
Apple Announces New iPods

Apple CEO Steve Jobs presented the world with this holiday season's iPod lineup. He announced new colors for the iPod shuffle, a video-enabled iPod nano with a new square form factor, an upgraded iPod classic (formerly known as iPod video), and an all new high-end model: iPod touch. It allows web surfing via Wi-Fi using the same Safari browser as the iPhone, and there is a new iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store application for browsing, sampling, and purchasing music near any Wi-Fi hotspot.

Mr. Jobs also announced an iTunes music ringtone feature for the iPhone, a Starbucks iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store partnership, and an incredible $200 price cut on the 8GB iPhone.
Kristy Gazes Wins WPT Season 6 Ladies' Night

Ms. Gazes brought it strong to this year's WPT Ladies' Night, and she had to. This was the toughest ever Ladies' Night final table. The least experienced player was Pamela Brunson, and she had defeated 124 other players to win a seat at the TV table. Ms. Gazes has said that she will retire soon, but why?
Sander Lylloff Wins EPT Barcelona Open

Mr. Lylloff, of Copenhagen, defeated players from Austria, Finland, France, Norway, the UK, and the USA to score €1,170,700 for first place. The field had many top-ranked players, but most of them were knocked out early. Johnny Chan, Greg Raymer, Katja Thater and Daniel Negreanu were among the elite bustouts.
Dan Harrington Wins WPT Legends of Poker

"Action Dan" Harrington defeated David "The Dragon" Pham in an extremely tough heads-up battle to take down the $1,634,865 top prize. This was The Dragon's fifth WPT final table appearance and is approaching Phil Ivey's record of seven WPT final tables without a win. Action Dan became only the fifth person to win the WSOP Main Event and a WPT event. (Quick: name the other four!)
Apple Releases New iMacs, iLife, iWork, etc.

It's about time! Apple hadn't done much to the iMac in nearly a year. Love the new keyboard. The iMac refresh is mainly cosmetic, but iLife and iWork have received major upgrades and are more tightly integrated with .Mac now.

.Mac itself has finally gained some Web 2.0-ish features (e.g. Web Gallery) and offers increased capacity to members. The Mac mini and Airport Extreme have been warmed over, and there's a new PCI Express RAID card for hardware accellerated RAID levels 0, 1, 5, and 0+1.
Jerry Yang is the 2007 WSOP Main Event Champion

Mr. Yang busted seven of the players at the final table in a dramatic conclusion to the 2007 WSOP. But it wasn't easy. This was not a monotonous card-catching bore like last year's championship, with all due respect to the former champion. Mr. Yang promised to donate 10% of his $8.25 million prize to charity, but we suspect he'll be keeping the bracelet. He'll no doubt be a gracious and deserving Ambassador of Poker. Congratulations Jerry!
FlopCruncher 1.3 Released

Your humble servants at FlopTech Engineering have released another update to the full version of FlopCruncher. For 1.3 we've added any pair and any suited hole card selection options. All five themes have been improved, folded hands can now be un-folded, and we've added two more pre-loaded hands for playback mode. This is a free upgrade for all registered FlopCruncher users.
Kevin Saul Wins Bellagio Cup III WPT Event

Mr. Saul managed to defeat the one and only Mike Matusow heads-up, even without the signature "Matusow Blowup" (tm). In Mr. Saul's own words, "I was a luckbox." A $1,342,320 luckbox.

We're not kidding when we say that this particular World Poker Tour winner's video might just be the lamest poker interview in all of recorded history. Even with that hottie Kimberly occupying most of the frame. Unbelievable.
Erik Seidel Wins His 8th WSOP Bracelet

One of the all-time greats just added to his legacy. Mr. Seidel bested one of the toughest final tables in WSOP history to move into fifth place on the career bracelet list. Buy-in for the "Deuce to Seven No-Limit Single Draw Lowball Event w/Rebuys": $5000. First prize money: $538,835. Historic 8th bracelet: priceless.
Apple Releases iPhone

As if you didn't know already. The cell phone market is vastly bigger than the portable media device market, and Apple is suddenly a major player in that new market. It's clearly a 1.0 product with plenty of room for improvement and lacking certain key features (Flash, secure corporate e-mail.) But it makes all other smartphones look like your Grandma's Model T. Update (07.05.2007): Apple has likely sold over 1 million iPhones in the first week
Freddy Deeb Wins $50K H.O.R.S.E.

Mr. Deeb won the prestige event this year, but it took a big card run on the short stack to take it down. He notched his 22nd WSOP cash, scored his 2nd WSOP bracelet, and took $2,276,832 to the bank. Congratulations Freddy!
FlopCruncher Lite 1.2 Released

FlopTech Engineering (us again) has released a new version of the basic FlopCruncher Lite widget. We've added keyboard shortcuts, a news alert feature, and two new background images. And there are a few other improvements too.
FlopCruncher 1.2 Released

FlopTech Engineering (yours truly) has released an update to the full version of FlopCruncher. New features include keyboard shortcuts and the incredible playback mode that lets you play back famous, bizarre, and amusing hands from the poker world.

Statistics mode has been drastically improved, and it works in playback mode as well as normal play mode. This is a free upgrade for all registered FlopCruncher users.
Phil Hellmuth is First to 11 Bracelets

He's the only person in the world with 11 WSOP bracelets now, and he's still young enough to win many more. Mr. Hellmuth waded through a field of 2,627 other players to make poker history. It's all about the glory for him, but the $637,254 can't hurt.
Allen Cunningham Wins 5th Bracelet

Mr. Cunningham proves once again that he's one of the best. Ever. He's well on his way to becoming the youngest six-time bracelet winner, and there are about 40 events left in this year's WSOP.
Shawn Buchanan wins Mandalay Bay WPT Event

Pocket threes good! Mr. Buchanan bested 227 other players to score $768,775 for first place. Not as much as other WPT events, but the field was small due to the impending WSOP. Congrats and good luck in the WPT Championship!
Jonathan Little wins Mirage Poker Showdown

Mr. Little bested Phil Ivey and Darrell "Gigabet" Dicken, among others, to take the $1,091,295 first prize, all the bling, and an entry in the $25K WPT Championship.
David Pham Wins Mirage Heads-Up Event

David "The Dragon" Pham defeated Eric Froehlich to win the $155,200 first place prize, a trophy, and a seat in the $10,000 main event. The good news about playing heads-up tournaments: you don't need to beat a whole table of people to win. The bad news: your opponent doesn't either. Get some rest, David. The main event starts tomorrow!
FlopCruncher Lite 1.1 Released

FlopTech Engineering (that's us again) has released an update to the free version of FlopCruncher. We added tooltips and trimmed down the graphics so it takes up a minimal amount of screen space now.
FlopCruncher 1.1 Released

FlopTech Engineering (that's us) has released an update to the full version of FlopCruncher. New features include separate preflop, flop, turn, and river "deal" buttons, highlights around flop, turn, and river cards, tooltips, and two new themes. This is a free update for all registered FlopCruncher users.
Carlos Mortensen is the Season Five World Poker Tour Champion

El Matador has made history. He's the first person to win a WSOP main event and a WPT Championship. He managed to overcome a 3:2 chip deficit in the grueling heads-up battle against Kirk Morrison. But don't feel bad for Mr. Morrison: he won $2 million for second. Mr. Mortensen took down a whopping $3.9 million for first plus the usual WPT / Bellagio bling.
Anna Wroblewski Wins $3K Bellagio Five Star Event

Don't try this at home folks. Ms. Wroblewski spent her first paycheck to buy in to a satellite and won a seat in the $2K NLH event. Then she cashed for $7K, used that money to buy in to the $3K event, and won it! She scored $337,395, a bracelet, and a seat in the WPT $25K Championship event. Update 1 (04.21.2007): She's the chip leader after Day 1A of the WPT Championship! Update 2 (04.23.2007): She's 12th of 214 players left after Day 2. Update 3 (04.24.2007): She's out in 70th place.
Raj Patel Wins Foxwoods Poker Classic

Mr. Patel took down $1,272,905, a blingy bracelet, and a $25K freeroll into the WPT Championship event later this month at Bellagio. This probably won't be be the most exciting WPT TV episode ever. Folks seemed to be waiting for aces, and the aces even got cracked once. But hey, "That's poker!"
Gavin Griffin Takes EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final

He was the youngest bracelet winner at the 2004 WSOP and now he's the youngest European Poker Tour winner as well. The youthful Illinois native turned his €10,000 ($13,000) buy-in, plus half the field's buy-ins, into €1,831,760 ($2,429,103) for first place.
JC Tran Wins World Poker Challenge WPT Event

It was JC Tran vs. JC Alvarado heads-up in Reno, but the JCs had to get past heavyweights Mark Seif, David "The Dragon" Pham, and others at the TV table. Mr. Tran won $683,473, a gold bracelet, and a $25K freeroll at the WPT championship at Bellagio next month.
Ted Forrest Wins Bay 101 Shooting Stars WPT

Ted "The Hitman" Forrest has won his second WPT title, defeating J.J. Liu heads-up in a record breaking TV table battle. It took 9 hours and 262 hands. And Ms. Liu had the highest finish of a woman player so far on the WPT.
Zachary Hyman Wins Wynn Classic Championship

Who dat? He had no prior big-tourney wins but managed to beat a very tough final table at Wynn. Mr. Hyman won $749,033 but he won't get any TV exposure for it. Wynn will broadcast the event starting next year.
Paul Wasicka Wins NBC National Heads-Up Championship

Mr. Wasicka proved that he's the real deal with this win. He won his matches against Eli Elezra, Joe Hachem, T.J. Cloutier, Nam Le, and Chad Brown to take the $500K first prize. The tournament will air beginning April 8th.
Eric Hershler Wins the L.A. Poker Classic

Mr. Hershler defeated JC Tran in heads-up action, and with a fairly tough beat we might add. $2,429,970 first prize money, a $25,000 WPT Championship seat, a super-blingy bracelet, and beaucoup Travel Channel air time are his rewards.
John Hennigan Wins the Borgata Winter Open

John "World" Hennigan received $1,606,223 for his efforts. We hadn't heard much from Mr. Hennigan recently, but when he made this particular final table he was a clear favorite.
Bryan Sumner Wins the World Poker Open

Mr. Sumner defeated the inimitable Daniel Negreanu to win $913,986 down south in Tunica. Mr. Negreanu faced a nearly 3:1 chip deficit and probably a touch of early stage starvation. Mississippi is apparently not a hotbed of vegetarianism.
Gus Hansen Wins Aussie Millions Championship

The Great Dane was due. The unpredicatable Mr. Hansen received $1.5 million for his efforts. (That's AU$1,900,275, mate.)
Ryan Daut Wins WPT PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Youth has been served $1,535,255. If Robert Mizrachi is a Gen X-er, he was the old man at the table. The rest were Gen Y. No teenagers like last year though.
Erick Lindgren Wins $100K Buy-In Aussie Millions Hold'Em

The good news for Mr. Lindgren: there were only 17 other entrants. The bad news: most of them were poker superstars. Mr. Lindgren defeated the formidable Erik Seidel heads-up to win $1 million. Not bad for 12 hours of speed poker work.
Apple Announces Long-Rumored iPhone

Apple has done it again. They've waded into a dysfunctional market and shown the world how things should be done. Hey Palm! Hey RIM! You've been Zuned. Oh, and one more thing: Apple TV is finally available.


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