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What's New in FlopZoom Lite
17 April 2011

1.1 Release (17 April 2011)
- Players' made hands are indicated
- Winning player's cards are highlighted
  1.1 Release (24 March 2011)
- Cards, chips, and bet amounts are now animated
  1.0 Release (09 January 2011)
- Full Tilt tournament support
- Complete hand playback with session and hand searches
- Stack size graphs for up to four players at once(with Harrington M option)
- Pot size graphs for up to four players at once
- Seven vital statistics for up to four players at once
- Analysis of draws, plays, bluffs, bets, calls, and hole cards
- Intervals from a single session to an entire career
- Analysis of play in specific positions or in position ranges
- Analysis of play against varying numbers of opponents from heads-up to full table