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FlopZoom Lite User Guide

FlopZoom Lite shows you every action of every hand in an entire online poker session. This is an invaluable tool if you are serious about improving your online game. Reviewing your hands is easy, fast, and essential.

Graphite theme and text drawer, with search for AK vs. any pair (KK in this hand.)

  • Opponents' known hole cards, names, stacks, actions, and win/loss amounts
    Opponents losing hole cards mucked at showdown are also visible
  • Win and tie odds for all players still in the hand, whether or not their hole cards are known
  • Win and tie odds text changes color at various stages in each hand
    GrayApproximate odds when any hole cards or board cards are unknown
    WhiteExact odds when all cards are known
    RedLosing hand
    GreenWinning hand
    GoldTournament winner ("Champion")

  • Board cards, dealer button, final table indication
  • Searchable list of all sessions in the database with date, site, game type, and player name
  • Searchable list of hands in the current session, with hole cards and win/loss amounts, etc.
  • Session info, player login, hand id, blind amounts, player count, button position, and total hand count

Clickable Items on Playback Window
  • Playback controls: previous street, previous action, play / pause, next action, and next street buttons
  • Hole cards: click for a list of a player's known hole cards and their win/loss amounts
  • Board cards: click to toggle between the streets
  • Pot sizes: click for a list of all pots and who won the main pot on each hand
  • Dealer button: click for a list of who was on the button on each hand

Playback Control Panel Buttons
  • Start of hand, previous street, play / pause, next street, and end of hand buttons
  • Playback speed slider
  • Drawer open / close button
  • Optional previous / next session, previous / next hand, and previous / next action buttons

Main Controls
  • Hand, street, and action selectors
  • Session and hand keyword search field
  • Clickable session and hand lists
  • Keyboard shortcuts for rapid playback
  • Optional hand history text display drawer

  • Stay on last completed live hand as you play on Full Tilt and Poker Stars
  • Show / hide playback control panel
  • Felt, Onyx, Graphite, and Leather themes
  • Variable real time update interval (5 seconds to 5 minutes)
  • All-white high contrast text option for accessibility

Automatic Playback
There are two sets of playback controls: basic controls on the playback window itself and a more advanced floating playback control panel.

Table Playback Controls
These controls are to the left of the board cards. Click to go to the start or end of a street, to the previous or next action, or to pause and play.

If you click play and just let it run, playback will advance through all actions in the hand, to the summary, then continue through the next hand. All hands in a session can be reviewed with just one click of the play button.

The Playback Control Panel
You can control every aspect of playback by clicking buttons on the playback control panel or by using keyboard shortcuts. To show and hide the playback control panel, choose the Playback > Show / Hide Playback Controls menu item or press the the command, shift, and P keys simultaneously.

When the playback control panel is visible, clicking the middle button will play and pause automatic playback. The buttons on the left move the action to the start of the hand and the previous street. The buttons on the right move the action to the next street and the end of the hand.

Moving the slider to the left or right will decrease or increase the playback speed. The five speeds are: 4 seconds per hand, 2 seconds per hand, 1 hand per second, 2 hands per second, and 4 hands per second.

For even more playback controls, you can click the button on the right. This opens a drawer with the previous / next session buttons, previous / next hand buttons, and previous / next action buttons.

Manual Playback
If you prefer not to use the playback control panel, or if you want to choose a specific hand number or session, you can use the controls on the playback window. Click the Preflop, Flop, Turn, and River buttons to go to the start of any street in the current hand.

Click the next or previous action buttons to move forward or backward between actions in the current hand. As you click the next button, you will advance across actions and streets all the way to the end of hand, then continue on to the start of the next hand. Likewise, as you click the previous button, you will move back across actions and streets to the start of the hand, then continue back to the summary of the previous hand.

You can open a drawer to the right of the display that shows the actual text of the hand history file, including player chat. Just choose Show Hand Text from the Options menu and make sure it is checked. (You can see the text drawer in the image at the top of this page.)

As you play, FlopZoom Lite moves the dealer button, deals cards, places players' bets, moves chips to the pot, and awards the pot to the winner(s). This gives you a natural experience as you play back your sessions. Please note that the player chips are only visible when animation is turned on. Animation is turned on by default, but you can turn it on and off from the Playback menu or by using the Control-A keyboard shortcut.

Keyboard shortcuts
Use the following keyboard shortcuts to quickly move between actions and streets and jump to the start or end of any hand without even clicking your mouse:

Shift Command PPlay / pause automatic playback
Option Command PShow / hide the playback control panel
Left ArrowGo to previous action
Right ArrowGo to next action
Shift Left ArrowGo to previous street
shift Right ArrowGo to next street
Command Shift Left ArrowGo to start of hand
Command Shift Right ArrowGo to end of hand
Shift Up ArrowGo to previous hand
Shift Down ArrowGo to next hand
Command Shift Up ArrowGo to more recent session
Command Shift Down ArrowGo to later session
Command AToggle animation on and off

Note: You can use the space bar to play and pause automatic playback. But you must first ensure that mouse focus is on the playback control panel. Simply click on the control panel before using the space bar to play and pause playback.

Tip: Pressing or holding down the right arrow key will advance you between actions and streets all the way to the end of hand. Likewise, pressing or holding down the the left arrow key will move you backward between actions and streets to the start of the hand.

Choosing Hands
Click back and forth between consecutive hands with the next/previous hand buttons. You can also type a specific hand number into the hand text window.

Searching for Hands
You can search for hole cards, player actions, and situations by typing keywords into the hand search field. The search results will appear in the hands list.

The first hand in the list will be loaded for playback. Click on any row in the hands list to play that hand. To move to the previous or next hand in the session, press the up arrow or down arrow keys. To cancel the search and show all hands in the session, you can either click the X to the right of the search field or clear the search text.

You can search for specific hole cards, hole card ranges, player names, game situations, game types, and poker terms to find hands in the current session.

Hole card searches:
qqpocket queens
9sthe nine of spades
ac 9sthe ace of clubs and the nine of spades
akany ace-king
axany ace
==any pair
--any suited cards

Action searches:
allin, all-in, ships, shovesany player gets it all-in
call allin, call all-inany player calls for all his chips
bets allin, bet all-inany player opens all-in
raise allin, raises all-inany player moves in over the top
busted, felted, eliminatedany player gets all-in and loses
nocall, uncalledany player raises or bets and nobody calls
walknobody limps or raises the big blind

Situation searches:
ak vs qqace-king versus pocket queens
== vs axany pair versus any ace
sb, smallwho was in the small blind on each hand
bb, bigwho was in the big blind on each hand
bt, buttonwho was on the button on each hand
win, winswho won the pot on each hand
tie, split, chophands where the pot was split
showdown, sdaction on the hand reached a showdown
shows, flashesany villain exposed his hole cards without a showdown
holecards, cardsany villain's hole cards are known (with and without a showdown)
sidehands where there was a side pot
arrives, sits, new, inany new player arrives at the table
moves, leavesany player changes tables
finalfirst hand of the final table

Game type searches:
lh, lheLimit Hold'em hands
ph, plhPot Limit Hold'em hands
nl, nlhNo-Limit Hold'em hands

You can also combine full or partial player names with keywords:
PlayerName allinPlayerName gets it all-in
PlayerName buttonPlayerName is on the button
PlayerName winsPlayerName won (partial player name match)
PlayerName bustsPlayerName's bustout hand
PlayerName akPlayerName was dealt ace-king
PlayerName showdownPlayerName went to a showdown
Player1 Player2Player1 and Player2 went to a showdown
PlayerName showsPlayerName exposed his cards and there was no showdown
PlayerName cardsPlayerName exposed his cards or went to a showdown

Stay on Last Live Hand
You can tell FlopZoom Lite to keep up with whatever sessions you are playing on Full Tilt and Poker Stars. First click a live session that you are playing from the list, then choose Stay on Last Live Hand from the Options menu. When the Stay on Last Live Hand option is checked, FlopZoom Lite will immediately import each hand from the live session and load it for playback. You can use this to quickly review hands and the hole cards your opponents revealed.

The Stay on Last Live Hand option overrides almost everything you are doing when you are reviewing a session that you are playing. FlopZoom Lite will instantly load the latest hand with only one exception. If you have searched for a hand, FlopZoom Lite will leave the hand you searched for in playback instead of loading the newest hand.

Choosing Sessions
The session list shows one row for every session FlopZoom Lite has imported. You can click on any row in the session list and FlopZoom Lite will play that session. To move to the previous or next session in the list, press the up arrow or down arrow keys.

Searching for Sessions
You can search through all sessions in the session list by typing a keyword into the session search field. Type the first few letters of a player name, a date, a tournament type, session name, game type, or session keyword. The search results will appear in the sessions list, and the first session in the list will be loaded for playback. Click on a row in the session list to start playing the session.

The "hero" player is the login name of the player who played the sessions that FlopZoom Lite has imported. If you have played under different user names in the past, or if your friends have sent you hand history files for you to import, you will see those hero names in the sessions list. (The Save Current Session menu item makes it easy to save the current session history files so you can email them to your friends.)

Player name searches:
PlayerNameall sessions PlayerName played (any hero or villain name)
Player1 Player2any sessions in which both Player1 and Player2 played (four names maximum)

Session type searches:
mtt, tournmulti-table tournament sessions
ring, cashring game sessions
sng, sitngosit-and-go tournament sessions
shootout, soshootout tournament sessions
play, play chipplay chip sessions

Game type searches:
lh, lheLimit Hold'em sessions
ph, plhPot Limit Hold'em sessions
nl, nlhNo-Limit Hold'em sessions
mh, mixedMixed Hold'em sessions

Seat count searches:
full, maxfull ring sessions
six, six max, 6max6 max seat sessions
headsup, huheads-up sessions

Wins and final table searches:
wins, wontournament sessions won by currently selected player
finalfinal table tournament sessions of currently selected player

Session id searches (tournaments):
433session number starting or ending with 433
01433session number starting or ending with 01433
1001433complete session number

Table name searches (ring games):
Table nameRing games played at table "Table name"

Date searches:
2010sessions played in 2010
2010/03sessions played in March 2010
2010/03/28sessions played on March 28, 2010

You can also combine full or partial player names with keywords and dates:
PlayerNameall sessions played by PlayerName
PlayerName 2009sessions played by PlayerName in 2009
PlayerName cashring games played by PlayerName
PlayerName cash 6max6-max ring games played by PlayerName
Name1 Name2 Name3 Name4All sessions that up to four named players played together
2010/01 mttmulti-table tournaments played in January 2010 by all hero players
ring 2010ring games played in 2010 by all hero players
sng 2008 PlayerNamesit-n-go tournaments in which PlayerName played in 2008
wins sixsix handed tournaments won by the hero player of the current session
wins sngsit-and-go tournaments won by the hero player of the current session
PlayerName winstournament sessions won by PlayerName
PlayerName wins soshootout tournament sessions won by PlayerName
PlayerName wins so huheads-up shootout tournament sessions won by PlayerName
PlayerName wins so 2008/10shootout tournament sessions won by PlayerName in October 2008
PlayerName finalfinal table tournament sessions of a specific player
PlayerName final 2010final table tournament sessions for PlayerName in 2010
PlayerName ring 2008/12ring game sessions for PlayerName in December 2008

Note: If you search for a four digit number, FlopZoom Lite will assume that it's a year if it's between 2000 and 2009.

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