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FlopZoom Lite User Guide

FlopZoom Lite has many appearance options, including four themes, 2 or 4 color deck, and various levels of user name hiding. Choose from the Options menu to change these options.

Themes: Felt, Onyx, Graphite, and Leather
We've created four themes so you won't get too bored with the playback table.

Four Color Deck
This toggles the color of the clubs between black and green and the color of the diamonds between red and blue. The club and diamond suit colors in the hand playback window, the hand search list, and on the session pane's stacks and pots graph captions are all changed simultaneously.

Show Hand Text
You can see the actual hand history text appear as you play back each hand. Open and close the text drawer by toggling this option.

Stay on Last Live Hand

When you are playing poker online, you can use this option to load each hand into FlopZoom Lite as soon as it is completed. This is useful when you want to see the hole cards of opponents who lose at showdown and muck instead of show. Just choose the session from FlopZoom Lite's session list and check the Stay on Last Live Hand option.

Hide Hero Name Only
This allows you to hide your screen name if you wish to post screenshots of your sessions and maintain anonymity. Your screen name will be changed to "Hero" everywhere in the playback pane.

Hide All Player Names
This hides the screen names of all players everywhere in the playback pane, including yours. Your screen name will be changed to "Hero" and your opponents' names will be changed to "Seat X".

Learning Mode
This hides the known hole cards until the end of each hand. You can use this feature to help improve your hand reading skills as you review sessions.

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