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What's New in FlopZoom
22 April 2011

1.6.2 Update (22 April 2011)
  Issues resolved:
  • Playback: some micro-stakes amounts weren't represented correctly in chip animations
  • Playback: the preflop main pot amount in some limit sessions was off by one small blind
  • Importing: fixed two rare crashes caused by certain Full Tilt hand history files
  • Importing: reduced memory usage when importing large number of hand history files
  • Minor cosmetic and usability issues resolved
  •   1.6.1 Update (31 March 2011)
      Playback improvements:
  • Animation of chips bet and won (Mac OS X 10.6 only)
  • Players' made hands are shown on the flop, turn, and river if their hole cards are known (Mac OS X 10.6 only)
  • Winners' cards are highlighted at the end of each hand if their hole cards are known (Mac OS X 10.6 only)

  •   Playback issues resolved:
  • Learning mode didn't hide hole cards when animation was turned on
  • Clicking the button sometimes didn't show button players in the hands list
  • Very rarely, an all-in player's bet text would read "raises all-in to 0" on the next street
  •   1.6 Release (24 February 2011)
      Statistics performance improvements:
  • Long term interval calculations are up to 60 to 100 times faster for large numbers of sessions
  • The HUD and statistics panes both benefit from the improved performance
  • The "career" interval with "any position" is the most heavily optimized

  •   Playback improvements:
  • New animation of button, cards, player backgrounds (Mac OS X 10.6 only)
  • Players' stack sizes are now shown in green and are separated from players' names in white (Mac OS X 10.6 only)
  • Future streets on board are now faded out slightly, and streets not reached are now empty
  • Tie percentages disappear when no tie is possible (instead of showing 0.0%)
  • Skipped session count appears in playback window along with new and updated count
  • Player name label changed from "Player: " to: "Playing as " for clarity
  • Semantics of play control buttons on table are slightly different
    Prev/next actions now continue through to previous/next hands
    Prev street button now jumps back to end of previous hand if current hand is at preflop
    Next street button now jumps to end of hand if we're on the last street, then to next hand

  •   HUD (Head-Up Display) improvements:
  • Clicking the same table HUD toggles the HUD table data panel on/off
  • Clicking the same player HUD toggles the HUD player data panel on/off
  • Color-coded HUD control panel looks more like the actual player HUD windows
  • Improved accuracy for small percentages (e.g. now 2.2% instead of 2%)

  •   Miscellaneous improvements:
  • Overall performance and stability improvements
  • Added fade-in effect on launch (Mac OS X 10.6 only)
  • Session, statistics, analysis, and results graphs all have four unique themes: two light, two dark
  • Player counts, positions, and ranges on the statistics and analysis panes are now independent of each other
  • Changed "adding" to "importing" in menus and dialogs
  • Many other cosmetic improvements

  •   Issues resolved:
  • Playback pane
    - Session search for player name sometimes didn't show all sessions
    - Very rarely, an all-in player was shown as moving in before their actual shove
    and when they did shove their status was "all-in for 0"
    - Sometimes the winner's win amount was wrong when they won the pot uncalled
  • HUD
    - Euro currency symbol wasn't correctly shown in player and table data panels
  • Session pane
    - Blinds button settings wasn't always remembered between launches
  • Statistics pane
    - Per-street statistics: vertical multi-street bar captions were too light when drawn on background
  • Importing
    - Player names with leading @ sign were not handled correctly and caused a crash
    - Some 6-max, ante, deep sessions were not handled correctly and caused a crash
  •   1.5.3 Update (21 January 2011)
      Playback issues resolved:
  • Fixed occasional incorrect win/tie odds and win/tie odds text colors
  • Some players joining the table weren't shown as "just sat down"
  • Some tournament players who were moved to the table weren't shown as "just sat down"
  • Fixed occasional incorrect stack when a new player joins the table
  • The "win tournament" action was being missed in Full Tilt
  • Fixed crash when player is all-in, then sits out before showdown

  •   Miscellaneous issues resolved:
  • Fixed occasional incorrect FT player HUD data panel with no preferred hero seat
  • Minor performance optimizations
  •   1.5.2 Update (31 December 2010)
      New features:
  • "Stay on Last Live Hand" option in Playback menu
  • Support for Euro cash sessions on Full Tilt and Poker Stars

  •   HUD issues resolved:
  • HUD occasionally would not start after first hand of a Full Tilt session
  • HUD windows moved for better table visibility on certain Full Tilt and Poker Stars themes
  • Stability and performance improvements

  •   1.5.1 Update (14 October 2010)
      Issues resolved:
  • HUD positions updated for Full Tilt and Poker Stars themes and seat counts
  • Improved handling of partial hands in some Full Tilt sessions
  • Statistics and analysis pane titles now correctly show chosen interval

  •   1.5 Release (30 September 2010)
      New Results pane:
  • Per-session win/loss and overall bankroll tracking
  • Shows up to four players' sessions and bankrolls
  • Intervals from one hour to an entire career
  • All hero results can be grouped together
  • Three search fields for finding any hero or villain's results
  • Bankroll deposits and withdrawals in $ U.S. Dollars and € Euros
  • Filters for game, session type, seat count, stack size, blinds speed,
    poker site, tournament buy-in, cash game blinds, and time of day

  •   New Statistics:
  • Streets Seen Percentage
  • Open Bet Percentage (flop, turn, river)
  • Fold percentage when faced with C-bet, 1, 2, 3, or 4+ bets

  •   Improvements:
  • Increased C-bet, 2-bet, 3-bet, and 4+bet percentage accuracy
  • Increased accuracy of AIP and UBP over long term intervals

  •   Issues resolved:
  • Resolved an issue on launch (in playback) caused by players sitting down just before first hand of a session
  • Better checking for player names containing embedded spaces in Playback
  • Improved overall reliability