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FlopZoom Tutorials: Intermediate

SDP, or Showdown Percentage, indicates how often a player took their hand all the way to a showdown. It can expose "calling stations" who call too many bets, fish who overvalue moderate hands, rocks getting paid off with big made hands, small-ballers playing a lot of small pots to the river, and many other things.

FlopZoom can show you their hole cards even if they mucked at showdown. This is crucial information that you can easily get in real time. Just click back to the playback pane and click the hand at the bottom of the hand list. This is the most recent hand that FlopZoom has added to its database, and you can see the hole cards of all players who went to showdown.

In our example, FZ_Hero only went to showdown a few times, but villain_1 and opponent_B were the showdown kings.



Why Did They Show Down?
But why did villain_1 and opponent_B see so many showdowns? Are they calling stations? Did they overplay moderate hands? Did they play lots of small meaningless pots? We can find out instantly by first clicking back to the session pane and clicking the pots button to see how big the pots were. Here we've also clicked on the showdown button and the won button to show only pots won on showdown.


Wow. opponent_B got to the showdown and won big pots, not small ones. (And our boy FZ_Hero didn't win a single showdown.) But we still don't know what kinds of hands opponent_B took to showdown. We can click on one of the big pots he won to select hand 10, then click back to the playback pane to see his hole cards on that hand.


opponent_B took his full house up against villain_1's smaller full house. But even that doesn't tell the whole story. Stepping through the streets and actions (which we won't show for the sake of brevity), we see that villain_B tried to bet his opponent off the hand by moving in. villain_1 called with his overpair and in fact had the best hand until the turn.

The advanced tutorial will get into more ways in which you can help determine exactly why things happened. This adds, like we keep saying, more information to the raw statistics. But this is an intermediate tutorial and we're sticking with statistics, OK? :-)

Position and Opponent Count
Just as in the VPP tutorial, you can filter your results for any number of opponents, or full table, short handed, or heads-up. And you can also show PRP for any position or filter for an exact position or a position range.

Instant Playback
If you are looking at a single session, you can click any player's SDP bar to play back all the relevant hands. If you click back to the playback pane you'll see just those SDP hands for that player in the hands list for you to choose.

Showdown percentage can indicate weak players who over-value weak to moderate hands. It can also indicate strong players that made powerful hands. You can easily get past the raw SDP percentage and see why players went to showdown by clicking over to the session and playback panes. (There's that FlopZoom integration again.)

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