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FlopZoom Tutorials: Intermediate

A player's preflop raise percentage is simply how often the player raised before the flop. It's the number of preflop raises they made divided by the number of VPP hands, and it's the indicator of pre-flop aggressiveness. If a player with a high PRP is on your left and you're hoping to see lots of cheap flops by limping in, you're out of luck. You'll either need to raise first to beat him to the punch, or fold the weaker hands in your starting hand range, or float more expensive flops and try to outplay him post-flop.

We've chosen PRP and AF as well as VPP to add some more information to the statistics graph. It looks like everyone has a similar PRP. But does that mean they played about the same way?



Click for Detail
We can click on FZ_Hero's black PRP bar to learn more. When you click on any bar in any of FlopZoom's graphs, you'll get more information about what that particular bar represents. The caption under the graph will change to give you that information. Here we see that FZ_Hero raised on 3 of the 7 hands he played.


Clicking on opponent_B's blue PRP bar, we see that he raised on 6 of the 16 hands he played. So although FZ_Hero had a higher PRP, opponent_B actually raised more often. The higher number of hands played correlates to the larger VPP number.


And was the dreaded high-PRP player to the left of our hero? We can click back to the playback pane and see where everyone was sitting.


Yes. FZ_Hero couldn't see many cheap flops. The good news for our boy is that the player with the second highest PRP, villain_1, was three seats to his right. Great for trapping or putting on the squeeze play if it's raised and there's one caller. But it never happened.

Position and Opponent Count
Just as in the VPP tutorial, you can filter your results for any number of opponents, or full table, short handed, or heads-up. And you can also show PRP for any position or filter for an exact position or a position range.

Instant Playback
If you are looking at a single session, you can click any player's PRP bar to play back all the relevant hands. If you click back to the playback pane you'll see just those PRP hands for that player in the hands list for you to choose.

Preflop raise percentage is a vital statistic that reveals a player's aggressiveness. But, as always, it's just a number until you can put it in context. FlopZoom makes that easy with instant access to stack graphs in the session pane and hand, card, and position information in the playback pane. And, of course, it's updated while you play.

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