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FlopZoom Tutorials: Basic
The Playback Pane

The User Guide explains all the features and controls of the playback pane. Aside from stepping through each action, street, and hand in a session, you can search for specific players you faced or specific session id numbers. You can also search through the hands in a session for specific actions, hole cards, and situations.

And if the session you are viewing is one that you are currently playing, you can see what hole cards your opponents mucked at showdown. Just scroll to the bottom of the hands list and click the last hand. This is the most recent hand, and you will see all hole cards that your opponents took to showdown, even if they didn't reveal them during play. You'll see if they folded the 2nd nuts, or if they called the winner down with just a pair, or if they fired multiple barrels on a stone cold bluff. This is vital information that the other players in your session won't know. Use it to your advantage.

Searching for Sessions
Type the first few letters of your login name (or any other player's name) in the session search field to show only the sessions you (or they) played.

You can also type the first three or last three digits or letters of a session id to find a specific session or range of sessions. There are other ways to search for sessions, including by date and session type. The User Guide playback pane has the complete list of session search terms.


Searching for Hands
And, of course, you can search through all the hands in a session for player names, hole cards, specific player actions, play situations, and many combinations of these search terms.

To find every time FZ_Hero was dealt pocket aces, you would type "fz_hero aa".

The User Guide playback pane page has the complete list of hand search terms.

Type "busts" in the hand search field. You'll see a list of hands on which players were eliminated, with descriptive titles.

Click on one of the lines in the list and FlopZoom shows you that hand in the display. (It's hand 43 in our example.) Now you can click through the actions and streets on the hand to see how that player busted out.

Here we see how villain_d was eliminated in 4th place on hand 43. He was short-stacked and had no choice but to get it all in with two broadway cards. Another player called with a medium pair and nobody improved.

If we want to relive the thrill of victory, we just click on the last bustout hand we found in the search. Either you busted out or you busted your last opponent on that hand. The final hand is selected, and we can click the river button and the next action button to see the win.


Staying on Last Live Hand
If you are playing a live session, you can tell FlopZoom to automatically load each newly completed hand played in that session into its Playback pane. Choose "Stay on Last Live Hand" from the Playback menu, then choose a session that you are playing from the sessions list. FlopZoom will automatically load each newly completed hand in that session so you can review the actions and hole cards that each player showed.


Win and Tie Odds Percentages
It's awesome to get your money in good, isn't it? We were approximately 58% favorites to win with our bigger ace. How do we know that? We know because every player's win and tie odds percentages are shown under their hole cards.

In the above example, the win and tie text is in white. This is because we know everyone's exact hole cards. If anyone is in a hand and their hole cards are unknown, the win and tie percentages will be shown in gray instead of white, as shown below.

Note 1: clicking the same street button multiple times may produce slightly different odds. This is because FlopZoom simulates dealing an actual deck of cards thousands of times. Due to the randomness of shuffling, you will see slightly different results for the same hole cards.

Note 2: the odds apply only to the main pot, not to any side pots.

More Information
There are a few more bits of information in the playback pane. Along the bottom row of the table image, you'll see your login name for the session, the hand number, the blinds (and antes if there are any), the number of players seated at the table, and the total number of hands in the session.

Message Text
Sometimes you'll see messages in green and yellow on the table. For example, when you launch FlopZoom you'll see the number of new sessions found, the total number of sessions, and a trial period countdown if you're still in the trial period.

And if when you reach the final table in a multi-table tournament, you'll see the final table message in green.

The playback pane is for reviewing the sessions you've played. Its search features let you find every actions, hole cards, and situations quickly and easily. And it is tightly integrated with the session, statistics, and analysis panes, as you'll see in later tutorials.

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