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FlopZoom Tutorials: Intermediate

Numbers, numbers, numbers. The intermediate tutorial goes beyond the cards and chips of the playback and session panes and gets into statistics. FlopZoom goes deeper than just showing you the raw numbers. Raw numbers are just data. You need to put numbers into context to turn them into useful information with which you can increase your poker knowledge and sharpen your skills.

The statistics pane of FlopZoom will show you some of the more useful statistical information that will help you improve your own play and help you attack your opponents' weakness. You can track their leaks in real time as you play against them, or you can see how they've played in recent days, weeks, months, or years if you've played against them for that long. And you can view all that information right next to that of any other player in the session.

The Statistics Pane
"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."
- Benjamin Disraeli and/or Mark Twain

Knowing your statistics and your opponents' statistics is fundamental for successful online poker. Here's an example showing five statistics for a single player. As you use FlopZoom, you'll get a feel for the percentages you'll see for your own play.

But a number is just a number unless it's put into context. FlopZoom's statistics pane provides some context for the raw statistics it presents by allowing you to instantly compare up to four players' statistics at once. You can also compare up to four players' statistics in different positions or position ranges, with different numbers of players at the table, and over different time intervals.

As described in the statistics pane User Guide, you can graph up to five statistics for up to four players. The statistics graph is a bar chart so you can easily compare players' numbers against other players.

Now we're talkin'! FlopZoom gives more depth to its statistics by allowing you to instantly compare players' statistics and stack charts. You can directly compare key statistics on your own play against others' play, all updated continuously as you play.

Instant Playback
Clicking on a statistics graph bar instantly puts the relevant hands into the playback pane's hands list with FlopZoom's 'Instant Playback' feature. If you click on any statistics bar for any player, you can instantly play back the hands that FlopZoom is including in those statistics. Just another way that FlopZoom adds context to the raw numbers.

Playback 1

Click a statistics graph bar...

Playback 2

...and all the relevant hands are loaded into the
playback pane hands list.

Knowing how, when, and where key hands were played is essential to improving your game. And essential to understanding your opponents' games. Instant playback of those key hands helps you do both. Fast.

Note that clicking any bar on the bets or calls graphs will load all hands in the session into the playback hands list. This is because the bets and calls graphs show the statistical calculations over many hands in the session. To play back hands in the session in which a player made the various hand types, just click the hands button and click on the bars in the hands graph.

Also note that you must first click the session interval button to enable the playback list feature. As you get more experience comparing your stats to other players, you'll get a feel for how your playing style compares against others'. And, over time, you'll learn how to play more like the winners and less like the losers.

  • The numbers in each bar are drawn vertically if the bars are too narrow to fit the text horizontally.
  • Groups of bars and their captions are drawn with alternating background colors to help distinguish them.
Statistics are vitally important to understanding your play and the play of others. But to improve your game you'll need to add context to the raw statistics to create knowledge. FlopZoom makes that easy.

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