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You can't always bet out or raise. Sometimes it's worth it to call a small raise and see the next street cheaply, perhaps if you're deep stacked or on a draw. Other times you'll just let others "bet for you" and smooth call with a monster. And, depending on your image, a call can be just as scary as a raise. The calls chart is the last of four "player style" charts, which also include the plays, bluffs, and bets charts, and it too is updated in real time as you play.

If a villain is playing a pot-control game by check-calling from early position and flat calling from late position, you'll see it here. If you're playing too passively and not getting value from your big hands, you'll see that here too. The calls chart shows how much a player called with different hand types and draws. The height of each bar shows you the average percentage of their (or your) stack, from 0% to 100%, that they (or you) called with for each hand type.

The average percentage appears in white at the top of each bar, or in gray above the bar if the bar is too short for the number to fit inside it. If you never had one of the hand types in the range you chose, "n/a" ("not applicable") will appear instead of a percentage.

Blue and Red
Occasionally you'll see a red segment below the blue segments of a call bar, as in the no pair or draw bar above. This shows you the number of times you called a bet or raise then folded after another player re-raised. It doesn't happen all that often, but we though it would be interesting to show it.

Note that the blue and red segments don't represent a percentage as shown on the scale to the left of the graph. They show you how many times you called and saw the next street (in blue) and how many times you called but were forced to fold by a re-raise (in red.) The overall height of the bar (blue + red) represents the percentage of your stack that you called. The colors show you at a glance. For specific numbers, you can click each bar.

Calling on Draws
How much did you call with your draws? The calls chart gives you a different look your draws than the draws chart does. Below, we've clicked the flop button and then clicked the draws bar.

PlayerZero0 called on a draw just once, for 9% of his stack, on the flop. Pretty tight solid, apparently.

Calls on Streets
You can chart all the player's calls on all streets by clicking the any street button. Or you can select a specific street by clicking the preflop, flop, turn, or river buttons.

You can quickly find out how much you or your opponents were willing to call on a specific street with a specific hand. PlayerZero0 was willing to call about 10% of his stack preflop with nothing:

On the river, he called 43% of his stack on average with a flush. Too bad for him he lost two out of five times he called.

Note that when you click the river, an additional bit of information shows up in the blue segment of each call bar, just like in the bets chart. You'll see a black win/loss indicator to show you the ratio of your wins and losses when you made calls on the river. If you won every time you made a call on the river, a "+" appears. If you lost every time you made a call on the river, a "-" appears. Otherwise, a black line with a "+" above it and a "-" below it appears to show you the win/loss split.
Opponent Count
You can quickly find out how much the selected player called, on average, with his different hand types at a full table, short handed, or heads-up, or against any number of players. Click the full, short, any, or heads-up buttons.

Just click one of the position buttons to see what position the selected player called in. Does he call too much from early position? How much does he call in late position on draws? You can quickly see a player's calling tendencies from different positions.

Did that calling station you played against last week pay you off this week? Maybe he's changing his style and saving bets by not chasing as much as he used to. Click on the week button, click the previous / next buttons, and you'll instantly know.


Click for Detail
Click on any of the call bars to see how many times the selected player called and saw the next street and called but folded to a raise or re-raise.

Instant Playback
If you are looking at a single session, you can click any call type bar to play back all the relevant hands. If you click back to the playback pane you'll see just the hands in which the selected player called with that type of hand loaded into the hands list.

The calls chart is there to help you learn whether you or any other player is spending too many chips chasing draws, playing too weakly by call-folding on specific streets, or showing other weak-passive play. It's can reveal weakness and passivity in players, as opposed to the bets chart which is all about strength and aggression.

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