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FlopZoom - Mac Poker Tracking for Poker Stars and Full Tilt

What is FlopZoom?
FlopZoom is our Texas Hold'em online poker tracker for PokerStars and Full Tilt on Mac OS X. Track your opponents in real time and attack their weaknesses, then play back and analyze tournaments and ring games to find leaks in your own game. FlopZoom is all about exploiting your opponents and improving your own play.

Key features
Multi-table HUDHead-up display tracks live statistics as you play each hand. Up to six statistics per player.
Playback paneReplay sessions and hands with win & tie odds. Optional HUD on all sessions new and old.
Session paneShows stack and pot graphs for any session, for up to four players. Updated as you play.
Statistics paneGraph vital statistics including VPP, PRP, and AF, for up to four players. Updated as you play.
Analysis paneIn-depth analysis and information: graph draws, plays, bluffs, and more. In real time as you play.
Results panePer-session win/loss and bankroll tracking for up to four players at once. Handles $ and €.

Video tips
Be sure to check out our new series of FlopZoom video tips. They’ll help take your poker playing to the next level. We'll be posting new tips as often as we can. Our promise to you: "No boring narration. Ever."

Free 30 day trial
The best way to learn more about FlopZoom is to try it. Download it and try it for free for 30 days.

What's new in FlopZoom 1.6.2
22 April 2011

FlopZoom 1.6.2 addresses several issues that we though we should address before adding more features.
This is, as always, a free update for all registered users.

Issues resolved:
- Playback: some micro-stakes amounts weren't represented correctly in chip animations
- Playback: the preflop main pot amount in some limit sessions was off by one small blind
- Importing: fixed two rare crashes caused by certain Full Tilt hand history files
- Importing: reduced memory usage when importing large number of hand history files
- Minor cosmetic and usability issues resolved

Known issues:
- FullTiltPoker.fr and PokerStars.fr are not currently supported
- Poker Stars tournament results are not currently tracked in the results pane
- Euro / Dollar exchange rates are hard-coded (€1.00 = $1.41 as of 31 March 2011)
- All Poker Stars tournaments are identified as MTTs, even if they are STTs
- External monitors are not yet supported
- The Multiple Mac OS X desktops feature ("Spaces") is not yet supported
- Hand history files received by email from Poker Stars may not be added correctly
- The analysis pane still uses the older, slower database access methods

What was new in FlopZoom 1.6.1
31 March 2011

FlopZoom 1.6.1 focuses mostly on playback. We have added the chip animation feature from FlopZoom Lite as well as new hand indication features. The hand that each player with known hole cards has made is shown on flop, turn, and river. And at the end of each hand, if the all the players' cards are known, the winner's five-card hand is highlighted.

In addition, we have added the demo sessions from FlopZoom Lite so you can immediately use FlopZoom even if you haven't played any poker sessions yet. There are several stability and cosmetic fixes as well.

FlopZoom 1.6.1 is, as always, a free update for all registered users.

New playback features:
- Animation of chips bet and won (Mac OS X 10.6 only)
- Players' made hands are shown on the flop, turn, and river if their hole cards are known (Mac OS X 10.6 only)
- Winners' cards are highlighted at the end of each hand if their hole cards are known (Mac OS X 10.6 only)

Playback issues resolved:
- Learning mode didn't hide hole cards when animation was turned on
- Clicking the button sometimes didn't show button players in the hands list
- Very rarely, an all-in player's bet text would read "raises all-in to 0" on the next street

What was new in FlopZoom 1.6
24 February 2011

FlopZoom 1.6 vastly improves the speed of statistics calculations in the statistics pane and HUD. Statistics calculations over a full career are now 60 to 100 times faster than in 1.5. In addition, we have added animation to the playback pane for Macs running Mac OS X 10.6, and we have updated many other areas of FlopZoom's user interface as well.

This release is only for Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" and 10.6 "Snow Leopard." We will continue to maintain a version of FlopZoom for legacy PowerPC-based Macs and for Macs running Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" and will make it available in the near future.

FlopZoom 1.6 also starts a new 30 day trial period if your older version of FlopZoom has expired. This is a free update for all registered users.

Statistics performance improvements:
- Long term interval calculations are up to 60 to 100 times faster for large numbers of sessions
- The HUD and statistics panes both benefit from the improved performance
- The "career" interval with "any position" is the most heavily optimized

Playback improvements:
- New animation of button, cards, player backgrounds (Mac OS X 10.6 only)
- Players' stack sizes are now shown in green and are separated from players' names in white
- Future streets on board are now faded out slightly, and streets not reached are now empty
- Tie percentages disappear when no tie is possible (instead of showing 0.0%)
- Skipped session count appears in playback window along with new and updated count
- Player name label changed from "Player: " to: "Playing as " for clarity
- Semantics of play control buttons on table are slightly different
Prev/next actions now continue through to previous/next hands
Prev street button now jumps back to end of previous hand if current hand is at preflop
Next street button now jumps to end of hand if we're on the last street, then to next hand

HUD (Head-Up Display) improvements:
- Clicking the same table HUD toggles the HUD table data panel on/off
- Clicking the same player HUD toggles the HUD player data panel on/off
- Color-coded HUD control panel looks more like the actual player HUD windows
- Improved accuracy for small percentages (e.g. now 2.2% instead of 2%)

Miscellaneous improvements:
- Overall performance and stability improvements
- Added fade-in effect on launch
- Session, statistics, analysis, and results graphs all have four unique themes: two light, two dark
- Player counts, positions, and ranges on the statistics and analysis panes are now independent of each other
- Changed "adding" to "importing" in menus and dialogs
- Many other cosmetic improvements

Issues resolved:
- Session search for player name sometimes didn't show all sessions
- Very rarely, an all-in player was shown as moving in before their actual shove
and when they did shove their status was shown as "all-in for 0"
- Sometimes the winner's win amount was wrong when they won the pot uncalled
- Euro currency symbol wasn't correctly shown in player and table data panels
- Blinds button settings wasn't always remembered between launches
- Per-street statistics: vertical multi-street bar captions were too light when drawn on background
- Player names with leading @ sign were not handled correctly and caused a crash
- Some 6-max, ante, deep sessions were not handled correctly and caused a crash

For More Information:
Please visit the FlopZoom version history page for information on previous releases.


We think FlopZoom is a pretty awesome online Texas holdem poker tracker, but don't just take our word for it. Here are some unsolicited testimonials from actual customers from around the world:

"By the way, the software is helping me loads. ... I don't know how I lived without this software."
- Greg B (USA)

"Your software is showing terrible leaks in my game, and it is helping me a lot in improving my cash games..."
- Luca H (Italy)

"It's so cool to be able to analyze my hand history, and to do it on a Mac. :)"
- Rob B (USA)

"Reviewing my HH like this is  a great way to improve my game."
- Axel M (Belgium)

HUD in graphics mode on simultaneous FullTilt and PokerStars tables. An 8-max Full Tilt table is shown here. Right-clicking any FlopZoom HUD window toggles between 8-max and 9-max HUD window positions on Full Tilt.

The HUD shows gray statistics for players with fewer than 30 hands in the HUD interval you have chosen. In this example, the interval is one week, and the hero (bottom center) has played 521 hands in a week, including the 41 at this table. Four villans have played more than 30 hands in a week (and our hero hasn't played any hands against them prior to this table.) The hand count statistic is in the bottom right of the HUD windows in this example.

HUD with cascaded tables: only the front table's HUD appears. Hero has played 60 hands in 24 hours, and three villains have played more than 30 hands in 24 hours, so their statistics are color coded to match the HUD control. The other villains have played fewer than 30 hands in 24 hours, so their statistics are in gray.

HUD with tiled tables: resizing and moving are automatic. (The aces held up.)

Playback pane: HUD can be shown on playback pane as well as on FullTilt and PokerStars tables. HUD statistics are exactly as they would have appeared if and when you played each hand live.

Session pane: four players' stacks on hand 68, with Harrington M and player count

Session pane: four players' pots, clicked on hand 68 (Graphite theme)

Session pane: four players' stacks in a ring game, with results and BB (big blind) amounts

Session pane: four players' pots in a ring game, with results and rake (gray rectangles above yellow line on each pot bar)

Statistics pane: up to five statistics for up to four players (Leather theme)

Analysis pane: draws on the flop that later hit (green) and missed (red), in any position, over a whole career

Results pane: win/loss per session and cumulative bankroll line over a whole career

Major Features

Head-Up Display (HUD)
Statistics and/or previously mucked hole cards are shown next to all players' seats in real time
Choose between graphical display or text display of statistics
HUD data can be shown on the Playback pane for all sessions including sessions currently being played
From one to six statistics can be displayed for each player at all tables
Intervals from 10 hands to an entire career can be chosen for HUD statistics
Statistics are grayed out for players with fewer than 30 hands in the chosen HUD interval
HUD windows move and resize as you move and resize PokerStars and/or Full Tilt table windows
Automatically adjusts to PokerStars and FullTilt table themes, with or without avatars
Automatically adjusts to "tiled" and "cascaded" layouts

Real Time Updates
On launch, all PokerStars and Full Tilt sessions are imported into FlopZoom's relational database in the background
New hands are added to the database and all graphs and HUD windows are automatically updated as you play
Update frequency can be set from 5 seconds to 5 minutes to never

Hole cards mucked at showdown are viewable in the playback pane after the hand is completed
Replay every hand you played, with complete hand odds (powered by the FlopZoom Lite odds engine)
Automatic playback - one click plays every action in every hand of the selected session
Animation - player status, hole and board cards, and dealer button are animated (Mac OS X 10.6 only)
Search for sessions by player name, table name, site, date, tournament type, seat count, and result keywords
Search hands for hole cards, keywords, actions, player names, and situations
Keyboard shortcuts for rapidly navigating though actions and streets of hands

Session stack and pot graphs
Graph up to four players' chip stacks simultaneously
Graph up to four players' pots won and lost simultaneously
Zoom in on 10 hands or zoom out to all hands in a session
Optionally show "M" value inflection points or BB amounts
Optionally show ring game results (money won/lost and BB won/lost)

Statistics graphs
Bar charts of eighteen vital statistics:
VPPVoluntarily put chips in Pot Preflop percentage
PRPPreflop Raise Percentage
AFAggression Factor (preflop, flop, turn, river, average)
SSPStreets Seen Percentage (flop, turn, river, showdown)
C-betsContinuation bets (flop, turn, river)
1-betsOpen bets (flop, turn, river, any street)
2-betsRaises (preflop, flop, turn, river, any street)
3-betsRe-raises (preflop, flop, turn, river, any street)
4+bets3rd raise or more (preflop, flop, turn, river, any street)
SDPShowdown Percentage
SWPShowdown Win Percentage
UBPUncalled Bet Percentage (preflop, flop, turn, river, any street)
AIPAll-In Percentage (preflop, flop, turn, river, any street)
FCPFold to C-bet Percentage (flop, turn, river)
F1PFold to 1-bet Percentage (flop, turn, river)
F2PFold to 2-bet Percentage (preflop, flop, turn, river)
F3PFold to 3-bet Percentage (preflop, flop, turn, river)
F4PFold to 4+bet Percentage (preflop, flop, turn, river)

Analysis graphs
Seven different bar charts for in-depth analysis of any player, especially yourself:
DrawsNumber of times a player hit/missed and won/lost with nine draw types
 Theoretical number of times the player should have hit or missed each draw types
PlaysNumber of times a player any of 11 different play types
 Ratio of wins to losses for each play type
BluffsNumber of times a player bluffed in 10 different bluffing situations
 Ratio of wins to losses for each bluffing situation
BetsPercentage of stack bet or raised with different hand types
 Ratio of uncalled vs. called vs. folding to reraise shown in 3 colors
 Ratio of wins vs. losses for river bets
CallsPercentage of stack called with different hand types
 Ratio of next street seen vs. folding to raise before next street
HandsNumber of times any hand type was made
 Ratio of wins vs. losses with each hand type
CardsNumber of times a player received any of 11 hole card types or ranges
 Ratio of wins vs. losses with each hole card type or range
 Theoretical number of times hole card type or range should have been dealt

Analyze just one session, all sessions in a day, in a week, a month, a year, or in an entire career
Intervals can be applied to all statistics and analysis graphs
Optional calendar or range interval types

Graph all statistics and analysis charts for any specific seat position (button, small blind, cutoff, etc.),
or position range (early position, middle position, and late position)

Player count
Graph all statistics and analysis charts for any number of players, full table play, short-handed play, or heads-up play

Tournament or ring
Choose tournament or ring games, real money or play money, or all session types

System Requirements

HardwareMac computer with an Intel processor
 2GB of memory
 5GB of available disk space
SoftwareMac OS X 10.5 or later

FlopZoom 1.6 does not run on Macs with PowerPC CPUs or Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger." We will release a final Universal Binary version of FlopZoom 1.5 in the near future. This version of 1.5 will run on PowerPC and Intel Macs, running Mac OS X 10.4 and later.

This legacy version of FlopZoom 1.5 for Tiger will remain available but we will no longer add new features to it. FlopZoom 1.6 and later versions will require Mac OS X technology not available in Tiger.

FlopZoom 1.6 Performance Measurements

FlopZoom 1.6 uses a radically different data access technique, and there have been huge statistics calculation performance gains over large numbers of sessions. You will immediately notice this improved speed in the statistics panes and in the HUD, especially over the Career interval.

We did some informal testing and found that calculation times have dropped by anywhere from a factor of 60 to a factor of 110. Here are our results.

How we tested
We tested FlopZoom 1.6 by measuring the time between the Career interval button click (or choosing a villain from a player menu) and the completion of the statistics graph drawing method. Start and end times were recorded by adding the following code to the start of calculation method and to the end of the drawing method. Times were rounded to the nearest hundredth of a second.

NSString *format = @"%H:%M:%S:%F";
NSLog(@"time = %@", [[NSCalendarDate date] descriptionWithCalendarFormat:format]);

FlopZoom 1.5.3 was timed using the iPhone iOS Clock app's stopwatch mode so its times are only accurate to a tenth of a second. Both versions of FlopZoom were run minutes apart on exactly the same database. No rebuild is required when updating from 1.5.3 to 1.6, so the same database may be used, unchanged, by either version.

The test environment
The test machine was a mid-2007 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo iMac with 4GB RAM and 166 GB free disk space running Mac OS X 10.6.6. The same apps (Safari, iTunes, iPhoto, iCal, Mail, etc.) were running in the background during all performance testing, with no changes in their CPU or memory usage. We felt that leaving apps running quiescently in the background would better simulate an actual user's system.

Times were measured on the statistics pane with five statistics chosen: VPP, PRP, AF, SDP, and SWP. The hero player was chosen in each of the runs as well as zero, one, two, and three villains. Player count was set to Any, position was set to Any Position, Career interval was chosen, and All Sessions was chosen in the game type menu.

The database contained 920 sessions total, 516 of which were played by the hero used for testing, for a total of 15,151 hands played by that hero.

The results
Hero onlyFlopZoom 1.5.361.6 seconds
FlopZoom 1.60.56 second110 x faster
Hero + 1 villainFlopZoom 1.5.369.7 seconds
FlopZoom 1.60.87 second80 x faster
Hero + 2 villainsFlopZoom 1.5.376.4 seconds
FlopZoom 1.61.08 seconds71 x faster
Hero + 3 villainsFlopZoom 1.5.384.2 seconds
FlopZoom 1.61.35 seconds62 x faster

Further room for improvement
We have identified many areas in which FlopZoom's performance can be improved, and we will do so as we move forward with its development.

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