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FlopZoom User Guide

FlopZoom's statistics pane can track the vital statistics of up to four players and compare them simultaneously, covering intervals from just a single session to an entire online poker career. Click the statistics button at the top of the window to get here.

Choose up to five statistics for up to four players at once, then filter the results for any specific seat or position range, and the number of opponents, from a full table to a short-handed table to heads-up.

If you are graphing a session that you are playing, the statistics will automatically recalculate and redraw on each real time update. By default, updates are done every 5 seconds. You can change that interval, or turn real time updates off completely, in Preferences.

Statistics for four players: note per-street Aggression Factor (AF) with horizontal average bars and captions.
The dark line behind the average bar captions is the exact average indicator line.

  • Side by side comparison of up to four players statistics
  • Eighteen statistics, some with per-street information:
  • VPPVoluntarily put chips in Pot Preflop percentage
    PRPPreflop Raise Percentage
    AFAggression Factor (preflop, flop, turn, river, average)
    SSPStreets Seen Percentage (flop, turn, river, showdown)
    C-betsContinuation bets (flop, turn, river)
    1-betsOpen bets (flop, turn, river, any street)
    2-betsRaises (preflop, flop, turn, river, any street)
    3-betsRe-raises (preflop, flop, turn, river, any street)
    4+bets3rd raise or more (preflop, flop, turn, river, any street)
    SDPShowdown Percentage
    SWPShowdown Win Percentage
    UBPUncalled Bet Percentage (preflop, flop, turn, river, any street)
    AIPAll-In Percentage (preflop, flop, turn, river, any street)
    FCPFold to C-bet Percentage (flop, turn, river, any street)
    F1PFold to 1-bet Percentage (flop, turn, river, any street)
    F2PFold to 2-bet Percentage (flop, turn, river, any street)
    F3PFold to 3-bet Percentage (flop, turn, river, any street)
    F4PFold to 4+bet Percentage (flop, turn, river, any street)
  • Average of all streets in per-street statistics (where appropriate)
  • Descriptive captions of statistics types and player names
  • Calendar or range preference for day, week, month, and year intervals

  • Player name menus for up to four players
  • Menus for graphing up to five statistics simultaneously
  • Full table, short-handed, heads-up, or any number of opponents buttons
  • Stack graph filter buttons for specific seats or seat position ranges
  • Session, day, week, month, year, and career analysis interval buttons
  • Previous / next interval buttons
  • Instant playback: click a statistics bar to load the relevant hands in the playback pane (in session interval)
  • Option to include or exclude preflop data when generating AF statistics (see Preferences)


Choosing Players
The statistics tracker pane automatically selects your login name for the current session in the first menu. Your statistics bars will be drawn in black. You can just show your own statistics, or you can choose up to four players from the current session and compare their statistics. The four players' bars will be shown in black, blue, red, and green so you can easily tell them apart.


Choosing Statistics
Just click on the menus to choose statistics for the players you've chosen.

Here are the statistics you can choose and what they indicate:

StatisticStatisticPlayer Traits
VPPVoluntarily put chips in pot preflop percentageOverall looseness or tightness
PRPPreflop raise percentagePreflop aggressiveness
AFAggression FactorGreater than 1.5: aggressive, less than 1.0: passive
SSPStreets Seen PercentageLooseness or aggresiveness, draw-chasing
C-betsContinuation betsAggressiveness post-flop after taking preflop lead
1-betsOpen betsAggressiveness post-flop
2-betsRaisesHow often a player raises
3-betsRe-raisesHow often a player re-raises
4+betsRe-raisesHow often a player makes a 3rd or higher raise
SDPShowdown percentageInfrequent laydowns (or good hands)
SWPShowdown win percentageShowdown hand strength
UBPUncalled bet percentageBluffer or "unbeatable" table image
AIPAll-in percentagePossible recklessness
FCPFold to c-bet percentageTendency to fold to post-flop c-bets specifically
F1PFold to open bet percentageTendency to fold to any post-flop open bets
F2PFold to 2-bet percentageTendency to fold to any post-flop raise
F3PFold to 3-bet percentageTendency to fold to any post-flop reraise
F4PFold to 4+bet percentageTendency to fold to any post-flop re-reraise


Filtering Results
As in the analysis pane, you can filter the results to show statistics against different number of opponents: any number, full tables, short-handed, or heads-up.


And as in the session and analysis panes, you can choose any specific position...


...or a range of positions.


Finally, just as in the analysis pane, you can choose any interval, from a single session all the way to every session you've ever played.


When you've clicked the session interval button, clicking the previous or next button will select the previous or next session. If you've clicked the day, week, month, or year interval button, clicking the previous or next button will select all the sessions in the previous or next day, week, month, or year.


Statistics for short handed tournament play in late position, year range interval: note that AF average does not include the preflop bar. This is indicated by the average bars, which only extend across the flop, turn, and river bars.
Preflop statistics can optionally be included in AF average calculations.

Instant Playback
Clicking on the statistics bars instantly puts the relevant hands into the playback pane's hands list. If you click on any statistics bar for any player, you can see the hands that FlopZoom is including in those statistics. For example, you can click on the hero player's "Chips in pot preflop" bar, click back to the playback pane, and you'll see that only the hands in which the hero voluntarily put chips in the pot preflop are loaded into the clickable list of hands.

Playback 1

Click any player's "Chips in pot preflop" bar
(or most other bars in the graph)...

Playback 2

...and all relevant hands for the bar's statistic
appear the playback pane hands list.

Raw numbers can't tell you the whole story, but playing back hands can. Seeing how, when, and where key hands were played is essential to improving your game. And to understanding your opponents' games. Instant playback of those key hands helps you do both. Fast.

Note that clicking the AF bar will load all hands in the session into the playback hands list. This is because AF (bets + raises divided by calls) is a statistical calculation over many hands in the session. Also note that you must first click the session interval button to enable the playback list feature.  

More Detail
More about per-street statistics and averages:
The "average" bar across per-street statistics (AF, UBP, and AIP) indicates the values that earlier versions of FlopZoom showed with a single bar. You can click on any per-street statistics bar to get exact per-street numbers used in the calculations in the caption below the graph. Clicking on the average bar shows you the numbers used to calculate the average. The precise average is shown by a line behind the average bar's caption text.

More about "inf" and "n/a":
Some bars will show "inf" and "n/a" instead of a percentage. The "inf" means "infinite", and indicates a divide-by-zero situation. For example, if a player makes 2 raises, 1 open bet, and 0 calls on the river, her river AF would be 3/0, which is infinite. FlopZoom shows infinite values as 100% of the graph's height, but in a translucent color for visual differentiation. However, the non-zero numbers (the dividends) are still used when calculating average values.

The "n/a" indicates "not applicable". This means, for example, that a player made no raises or calls. Instead of incorrectly showing "0", FlopZoom indicates the 0/0 conditions with "n/a".

Disabled buttons:
FlopZoom will gray out buttons when they aren't applicable. For example, in the "Statistics for four players" graph at the top of this page, the short handed and heads-up buttons are grayed out. This is because that particular session was a 9-max tournament and the hero never got to short handed or heads-up play at any table. (Full table hands require 7 players or more.)

Likewise, if the current session or sessions in an interval don't have any full table handed play, the full table button will be grayed out.

More about intervals:
If you choose the "session" interval and click the "+" or "-" session buttons, FlopZoom will simply go to the next or previous session. If any of the selected players are in the new session, they will remain selected in their player popup menu. If none of the selected players are in the new session, FlopZoom sets the first menu to the "hero player" of the session (your login name on the site.)

If you chose the day, week, month, or year interval and you click to the next or previous interval, FlopZoom will always go to an interval in which at least one of the selected players played a session. If there aren't any earlier or later sessions for those players, the "+" or "-" buttons (or both) will be disabled.

You can choose the week start day in FlopZoom's preferences dialog. It is set to Monday by default but you can choose Sunday if you prefer. You can also switch between "calendar" intervals and "range" intervals. For example, calendar mode would show you all all sessions in 2008, but range mode would show you all sessions 6 months before and 6 months after the current session.

The more sessions there are in the interval you've selected, the longer it will take FlopZoom to calculate your statistics. Several hundred sessions can be processed nearly instantly with a 2GHz or faster processor. But if you have thousands of sessions, it could take quite a while.

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