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FlopZoom User Guide

The results pane shows each sessions's win/loss amounts and bankroll trend for your hero accounts as well as all the opponents you have ever played against. Click the results button at the top of the window to get here.

Choose up to four heroes and villains and graph their wins, losses, and bankrolls over any period from one hour up to an entire career. You can either add all of your hero results and bankrolls together, or show them individually. And you can adjust hero bankrolls to show the deposits and withdrawals you made to your actual account(s). FlopZoom automatically converts between currencies, so you can make those bankroll adjustments in either $ U.S. Dollars and € Euros.

Please note that Poker Stars tournament results are not currently tracked in the results pane. We are working on adding them in the near future.

Results over a career. Note that the central horizontal line indicates zero.

  • Graph of up to four players' color-coded wins/losses, bankroll trends, or both
  • Optional Bankroll Adjustments window for adjusting bankrolls to show deposits and withdrawals

  • Popup hero menu for choosing individual hero accounts or for grouping them all together
  • Three color-coded search fields for finding any player's results, hero or villain
  • Ten popup menus for filtering results
  • Popup menu for choosing display of wins/losses, bankrolls, or both
  • Bankroll +/- button for showing and hiding the Bankroll Adjustments window
  • Hour, day, week, month, year, and career interval buttons
  • Current button for jumping to the most recent interval
  • Previous / next interval buttons

  • Set graph currency to U.S. Dollars, Euros, or the system default in preferences


Choosing Players
The first time you open the results pane, it automatically chooses "all heroes." This adds all of your Full Tilt and Poker Stars hero accounts together. Hero results are shown with black diamonds, and the hero bankroll line will be drawn in black.

The hero popup menu only contains hero login names, and it indicates which site each login name is associated with. This allows you to differentiate between Full Tilt and Poker Stars if you have the same login name on both sites.


There are also three search fields, which allow you to show results and bankrolls for heroes as well as villains. Type the full name of any player and their graphs will be shown along with the hero's graphs. This is useful for seeing your Full Tilt and Poker Stars hero results simultaneously yet separately. To do this, choose your Full Tilt hero name in the hero popup, then type your Poker Stars hero name into one of the search fields and press return.

If you type a player name into a search field, a blue square, red triangle, or green inverted triangle will appear in the search field next to their name. The colored shape matches those used to represent win/loss results, and the color matches that of the bankroll line for each player.


Filtering Results
Just click on the menus to show more specific results. For example, you can choose NLH, MTT, 9-max, normal stack, normal speed tournaments that started from 15:00 to 18:00 on Full Tilt.

Please note that as you choose menu items, the other menu selections may change. For example, if you choose super turbo from the speed menu, then you choose cash from the game type menu, the speed menu selection will revert to any speed. This is because there are no super turbo cash games. FlopZoom tries to keep you from selecting impossible menu combinations.


Automatic Bankroll Scaling
Over time, bankrolls can grow to many buy-ins in size. Individual results may represent only a tiny fraction of your bankroll. To avoid the problem of graphing tiny results against huge bankrolls, FlopZoom scales down the bankroll line as needed. The bankroll scale factor is indicated in the lower right corner of the graph when scaling happens.


Bankroll Adjustments
Click the Bankroll +/- button to open the Bankroll Adjustments window. This is how you can tell FlopZoom when you have made deposits or withdrawals to your online poker accounts.

Click the Deposit or Withdraw button to open the Bankroll Deposit or Bankroll Withdrawal window. Then choose the hero, enter the date and amount, and choose the currency. FlopZoom applies these adjustments to the bankroll graph.

You can choose either U.S. Dollars or Euros and FlopZoom automatically converts as necessary. If you made a mistake, you can either click the Delete button to remove the incorrect adjustment from the list or you click the Edit button to correct the mistake.

Bankroll Adjustment window and sample deposit being added to bankroll tracking.

More Detail
More about currencies:
By default, FlopZoom uses the default currency that your Mac uses. If you wish to change this, you can choose U.S. Dollars, Euros, or "System Default" in the preferences window. FlopZoom automatically converts to the currency you choose, and displays the appropriate currency symbol on the y-axis of the results graph.

More about results updates:
The results database is only updated after tournaments and cash sessions have ended. FlopZoom does not update results in real time, so if you have played any cash games or tournaments and wish to see those results, you must restart FlopZoom.

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