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FlopZoom User Guide
Try then Buy

Trial Period
FlopZoom's free trial period is 30 days, and you can analyze any number of sessions during that period. After 30 days, FlopZoom will continue to run but you won't be able to analyze any new history files.

If you install new versions of FlopZoom, they will usually expire 30 days after you first installed the older version. In other words, most updates will not give you a new 30 day trial period.

Every few months, we will release a version of FlopZoom that starts a new 30 day trial period. This will allow users with expired versions to occasionally try out the new features, but will not allow continuous free use. (We do, after all, want you to purchase FlopZoom if you like it...)

To purchase FlopZoom, choose the FlopZoom > Purchase menu option. Registration is completely automatic after your purchase is complete. You don't even need to enter a serial number.

FlopZoom is priced at $45 U.S., and the transaction will be handled by eSellerate, a leading e-commerce provider.

New Versions
Future releases of FlopZoom will be free to registered users. Forever. You will be able to install the latest version of FlopZoom over the old one, and the new version will run fully registered.

FlopZoom automatically checks for updates, and will notify you at most once per day when you first launch it. A notification window appears, giving you the option to download the new version immediately, to go to FlopTech's web site for more information, or to simply launch your existing older version. You can also choose to be notified at most once per week when a new version is available.