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FlopZoom User Guide

We have designed FlopZoom to have all of its major controls and options right on its display. There are only a few preferences, and you won't need to change them often.

Choose FlopZoom > Preferences... to bring up the Preferences dialog. It has one pane for options and another for special rarely-used commands. Click on the Options or Commands buttons at the top to switch between the panes.

You can choose several options here that will change FlopZoom's appearance, intervals, and hand odds accuracy.

Real time update
FlopZoom can add hands to its database while you play, and here is where you tell it how often to add those hands. The interval defaults to 5 seconds, which provides continuous database updates as you play. You can choose from 5 seconds to 5 minutes for less-frequent updates if you prefer. Try different settings to see which works best on your Mac. You can also turn the real time update feature off by choosing Never. (You can manually update live sessions at any time by choosing the File > Update Database menu item.

Playback text
By default, FlopZoom shows each player's names, actions, and hand odds in white and gray on the playback pane. If you would rather see this text in white, you can click the All white button. (Note that the odds text will show a tilde ("~") to indicate approximate odds when there are unknown hole cards and the all white text option is chosen.)

Statistics interval
Here you can tell FlopZoom to group sessions either by calendrical intervals or by ranges surrounding the current session. For example, instead of grouping sessions in a single month of the year, you can click "range" to tell FlopZoom to group all sessions two weeks before and two weeks after the current session, regardless of the month.

Week start day
You can choose Sunday or Monday as the first day of the week. This will change the day on which calendar weeks, months, and years start in the statistics and analysis panes.

Include Preflop in AF
The statistics pane normally excludes preflop numbers from its AF (Aggression Factor) average value calculations. This is the traditional way that AF is calculated. You can choose to include preflop in the AF average calculations here. Clicking Yes or No will update the AF average bar in real time, and you can see the bar move up and down to show different values and alternate between 3 and 4 streets in width.
The results pane uses your Mac's local currency by default. If you would prefer to always show your results and bankroll graphs in either $ U.S. Dollars or € Euros, you can choose those currencies here.

Here you'll find several commands that we were sort of trying to hide. They're here in case you have trouble, so they're important. But we hope you'll never need to use them.

Export Skipped Files
We've worked hard to make FlopZoom "sock rolid," but occasionally you might find a hand history file that it can't handle. FlopZoom remembers all files it had trouble analyzing, even if it crashed while analyzing a file. It will skip over those problem files on all subsequent launches.

Clicking the Export Skipped Files button will copy the history files FlopZoom had trouble with into a folder on your desktop called FlopZoom Skipped. We'd really appreciate it if you could send any files in that folder to . It will help us fix the problem so you can add the sessions to your database with future versions of FlopZoom.

Import Skipped Files
Versions of FlopZoom prior to 1.0.4 were very conservative in the files they tried to add to the database. In addition, any file that caused a crash or hang was marked to be skipped forever, even on database rebuilds. The Import Skipped Files command will attempt to add those problem files to the database. Since 1.0.4, FlopZoom's analysis software has become more robust, so adding previously skipped files could give you a better picture of how you and your opponents have played.

Rebuild Database
You'll probably never need to use it, but we made the Rebuild Database command available here just in case. If you see odd results in the session pane's stack graph or in the statistics or analysis charts, it's possible that FlopZoom's database has become corrupted. We recommend that you contact before you rebuild your database.

Note that future versions of FlopZoom may require you to rebuild the database on first launch. If you install a new version of FlopZoom and it needs to update your database, it will present you with a warning dialog before it performs the rebuild. This gives you the option of waiting until a more convenient time to perform the rebuild, which could take several minutes.

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