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FlopZoom User Guide
Menu Items

We have designed FlopZoom so users can see its controls without choosing menu items. But there are several commands and options in its menus.

FlopZoom Menu
Here you can get information on FlopZoom's version number, bring up Preferences, send an email to FlopTech, and purchase FlopZoom.

"About FlopZoom"
Choose FlopZoom > About FlopZoom to which version you have.

Choose FlopZoom > Preferences... to change FlopZoom's preferences.

"Send Feedback to FlopTech..."
FlopZoom >Send Feedback to FlopTech... will launch your default email program and create a message addressed to FlopTech. You can use this to send us bug reports, questions, feature requests, or just about anything.

"Purchase FlopZoom..."
Choose FlopZoom > Purchase FlopZoom... to buy a license if the trial period has ended or you've hit the trial period session limit.


File Menu
FlopZoom is all about hand history files. Here you can tell FlopZoom when and where to look for new hand history files, and tell it to save the current session's files if you want to share them with friends or just have a look for yourself.

"Import Hand History Files"
Choose File > Import Hand History Files to add new hand history files to FlopZoom's database and to add new hands to sessions that you are playing while FlopZoom is running. FlopZoom automatically adds new files every time it's launched, but you can choose this to find new files without needing to re-launch. You can do the same thing by typing the keyboard equivalent: <command> U. Of course, the real time update feature gives FlopZoom the ability to automatically update its database as you play.

"Add New Hand History Folder..."
If you set up your Full Tilt software to use a folder other than the default, or if you want to analyze files in one or more additional folders, you need to tell FlopZoom which folders to look in. Just choose File > Add New Hand History Folder... type <command> O. You can navigate to a any folder on your Mac. The hand history files in that folder will be added to FlopZoom's database, and FlopZoom will remember that folder.

Now, every time you launch FlopZoom or choose File > Find New Files, FlopZoom will look in the new folder as well as the default folder. You can add as many folders as you want. You don't need to add subfolders of the folders you've chosen because FlopZoom already looks in the subfolders. And don't worry about duplicate files in the folders. FlopZoom will ignore duplicates.

"Export Current Session"
You can easily share your hand history files with friends by choosing File > Export Current Session. FlopZoom will create a text file on your desktop containing the hand history for the current session. You can then use your favorite email program or webmail site to send the session to your friends. We added that feature as a convenience since the hand history files have extremely long file names that look very similar, and there can be several history files per session.

"Export Current Hand"
If you wish to save just the text of the current hand (for posting in forums or emailing to friends, for example) you can simply choose File > Export Current Hand. A plain text file named something like "FlopZoom Hand #1234567890.txt" will appear on your desktop (with the actual hand ID in its file name.)


HUD Menu
The items in this menu allow you to show or hide different aspects of the HUD and also tells the HUD whether or not to indicate small-sample data.

This turns the head-up display (HUD) on and off.

"Show HUD Control"
Here you can also show or hide the HUD control panel. After you have chosen the statistics you wish to see and the interval over which you want to display HUD data, you can hide the HUD control panel to save screen space.

"Show HUD on Playback"
This turns the HUD on or off on FlopZoom's own playback pane. If you wish to review sessions you have finished playing, you can use the HUD to see exactly the same data that you would see if you were playing the session live. You can even review hands in sessions you are playing live, right up to the hand you just finished playing.

"Gray HUD for < 30 Hands"
To indicate data that is from a small sample (fewer than 30 hands) you can tell the HUD to use all-gray text for that data. If you do this, it will be easy to see which players and tables have data that could be misleading due to statistical variance. After a player has played 30 hands, the data in their HUD window will return to normal color-coding.


Playback Menu
These menu items move playback between actions and streets, and you can jump to the start or end of the current hand by choosing from this menu. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through hands. And, if you are playing live sessions, you can tell FlopZoom to play back the last hand you have completed. Just choose the Stay on Last Live Hand menu option and make sure it is checked, then choose a live session from the Playback pane's session list. FlopZoom will automatically load each completed hand in that session.


Options Menu
Here you can control FlopZoom's appearance. Everything from background themes to hiding player names and hole cards can be set here.

"Felt", "Onyx", "Graphite", and "Leather"
Choose different themes for the playback pane's table, player images, and the backgrounds in the other panes' graphs.

"Four Color Deck"
This toggles the color of the clubs between black and green and the color of the diamonds between red and blue. The club and diamond suit colors in the hand playback window, the hand search list, and on the session pane's stacks and pots graph captions are all changed simultaneously.

"Hide Hero Name Only"
This allows you to hide your screen name if you wish to post screenshots of your sessions and maintain anonymity. Your screen name will be changed to "Hero" everywhere in the playback pane.

"Hide All Player Names"
This hides the screen names of all players everywhere in the playback pane, including yours. Your screen name will be changed to "Hero" and your opponents' names will be changed to "Seat X".

"Learning Mode"
This hides the known hole cards until the end of each hand. You can use this feature to help improve your hand reading skills as you review sessions.


View Menu
You can switch between the five panes by choosing these menu items, or by typing <command> 1, <command> 2, <command> 3, <command> 4, or <command> 5. Or you can just click the playback, session, statistics, or analysis buttons at the top of FlopZoom's window.

Window Menu
Not a lot to see here. You can minimize FlopZoom into the dock or bring its window(s) to the front.

Help Menu
You can search for keywords or just launch FlopZoom's help browser. Most of FlopZoom's documentation is here at www.floptech.com/flopzoom so the help browser will launch your default browser to the appropriate page.

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