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FlopZoom User Guide
Getting Started

FlopZoom is easy to set up and use. It's best to launch FlopZoom after you have accumulated some hand history files from Full Tilt or Poker Stars. If you don't already have a Full Tilt or Poker Stars account, you can sign up at FullTiltPoker.net or PokerStars.net and play for free.


After downloading, you'll see a folder with the FlopZoom icon and your Applications folder. Simply drag FlopZoom into the Applications folder and you're done.


Hand History Files

The poker software from Full Tilt and PokerStars can provide you with detailed records of all you online poker sessions. You'll need to request hand history files from your Full Tilt and/or PokerStars software. It's easy!

For Full Tilt:
  • Download and install the Full Tilt software if you haven't already
  • Launch the Full Tilt software
  • Create a Full Tilt account if you don't already have one
  • Choose Options > Hand History... from the menu bar
  • Click the check box next to "Save My Hand Histories"
  • Type a large number of days (3000 or more) into the "Days to Keep Hand Histories" box
  • Click "OK" and you're done

For PokerStars:
  • Download and install the PokerStars software if you haven't already
  • Launch the PokerStars software
  • Create a PokerStars account if you don't already have one
  • Choose Options > Instant Hand History Options... from the menu bar
  • Click the check box next to "Save My Hands History"
  • Type a large number of days (3000 or more) into the "Keep Hand Histories for:" box
  • Click "OK" and you're done
Note: Software from PokerStars.net does not provide hand history files for FlopZoom to analyze.
To use FlopZoom with PokerStars, you must use the software from a real-money site such as PokerStars.eu.

We recommend using the default hand history folder, but you may choose another one if you wish. If you chose a different folder than the one suggested by the Full Tilt installer, you will need to tell FlopZoom where that folder is with the "Look in More Folders..." menu item.

We also recommend that you keep your hand history files for more than 30 days. Future FlopZoom versions might require you to rebuild your database of sessions to take advantage of new features. If the hand history files have been deleted by the Full Tilt software because it thought they were too old, FlopZoom won't be able to add them to its database again.

Note: FlopZoom only supports English at this time, so if you choose another language your results will be inconsistent.


First Launch

The first time you launch FlopZoom, it analyzes all your hand history files and puts them into its relational database. This will take very little time if you only have a few files and you have a fast Mac, but it could take quite a long time if you have many files or an older Mac.

FlopZoom will show you a progress window with the number of sessions to add and a remaining time estimate. When the adding process is done, you'll see the number of new and updated sessions, the total number of sessions, and a welcome message.


Real Time Updates

If you play any sessions while FlopZoom is running, it will automatically detect them and add them to its database. As you continue playing, FlopZoom updates its database in real time to contain all the hands you've played. You will see the new hands appear automatically in the playback, session, statistics, and analysis panes. (Note that the results pane is updated only after each cash game or tournament is completed, sometimes not until the next time you launch FlopZoom.)


The Five Panes

When FlopZoom launches, it shows you its playback pane. The other panes show you session, statistics, analysis, and results information. To switch between panes, just click one of the four buttons at the top of the window.

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