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FlopCruncher Lite User Guide
Front Side

The front of FlopCruncher Lite has several controls and message areas. Click on a caption to go straight to that section.

When you are running FlopCruncher Lite, you can quickly discover what a button or menu item is for. Simply hold the mouse cursor over it for a few seconds. A "tooltip" will pop up with descriptive text.


You can turn tooltips on and off with a keyboard shortcut. Just hold down the shift and option keys and type T to toggle tooltips.

Card Selection
FlopCruncher Lite pits two players against each other (and optionally against up to 8 other random hands). In Texas Hold'em, each player receives two cards as their starting hand. These are the so-called "hole cards." The two players' hole cards are represented by the two sets of two cards on the front. The left two cards are the hole cards of one player and the right two cards are the hole cards of another.


To select the rank of a card (2 through ace), click on its upper half and choose the rank from the menu.


To select the suit of a card (spades, hearts, diamonds, or clubs), click on its lower half and choose the suit from the menu.

It isn't necessary to specify an exact rank and an exact suit for every card. You can tell FlopCruncher Lite to use partially or fully random cards by selecting the "?" from the rank or suit menus.


Selecting "Wild" for the rank and hearts as the suit means "use any card that is a heart." A "?" will appear in the card's rank.


Selecting "Wild" for the suit and "A" for the rank means "use any ace." A "?" will appear in the card's suit.


Selecting "Wild" for both suit and rank means "use any card."


Selecting "Wild" for the suit and rank of both hole cards means "use any two cards."

Others Menu

This menu tells FlopCruncher Lite how many other opponents to add to the simulation. Choose "heads-up" when you want to only play the two sets of hole cards against each other.


Choose from "+1 other" to "+8 others" when you want to add random hands into the calculation.

These "others" will be given any two random cards from the deck, and you won't be able to see how often any of them win. They are there only to help you understand how your odds change when more or less players are dealt in. (Although Player Zero tells us that in some games there can be 10-way action...)
Deal Button

After you've set up the hole cards and "others" count, click here to run the simulation.


This is where the results of each simulation appear. If you choose "heads-up" in the "others" menu, the win percentages and tie percentage for the two sets of hole cards are shown.


If you choose 1 or more "others," two different tie percentages are shown. When there are only two players heads-up, they both have the same chance of tying. But with multiple players, everyone could have a different chance of tying, so we show independent tie percentages.

Info Button

Click here to flip over to FlopCruncher Lite's back side.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts to make it even faster to select cards.

Just hit space to highlight one of the two sets of hole cards, then type four characters to set the rank and suit of both cards. It's that easy.

For example, if you want to pit A A against K K , hit space, type a h a c, then space and k h k c. FlopCruncher Lite moves its focus to the next rank or suit in the hand with its auto advance feature.

Navigating to Cards
Moving between the two hands:
returnHighlight the other hand
spaceHighlight the other hand

Selecting the right or left card in the highlighted hand:
[Left card's rank
]Right card's rank
{Left card's suit
}Right card's suit

Selecting Ranks
wWild (any rank)
?Wild (any rank)

Selecting Suits
wWild (any suit)
?Wild (any suit)

Deal Button
shift DCalculate odds
Others Count    (shift key + option key + "number of other players")
 shift option hHeads Up (0 others)
 shift option 0Heads Up (0 others)
 shift option 11 other player
 shift option 22 other players
 shift option 33 other players
 shift option 44 other players
 shift option 55 other players
 shift option 66 other players
 shift option 77 other players
 shift option 88 other players
Option toggles    (shift key + option key + "toggle key")
 shift option TTooltips on and off
 shift option NNews Alert on and off
 shift option F"Felt" background
 shift option L"Lapis" background
 shift option B"Black" background

Auto Advance to Rank and Suit  
When you highlight a set of hole cards using the keyboard, you're really focusing FlopCruncher on the left hole card's rank. It's expecting a rank as the first character you type.

After you type that character (say, an a for Ace), FlopCruncher automatically moves its focus to the suit of the left hole card. Now it's expecting you to type in a suit character (such as an s for Spade). This makes it easier for you to enter a card without explicit navigation.

And it keeps going. After you enter the rank and suit of the left hole card, focus automatically moves to the rank of the right hole card. Enter a rank and focus moves to the right card's suit.

But wait: there's more! Once you've entered the right hole card's suit, focus automatically moves back to the left hole card's rank. Focus cycles through the rank and suit of the left and right hole cards until you move focus to another set of hole cards.

This allows you to specify both hole cards by simply typing four characters: rank, suit, rank, suit. For example, to specify the A K you'd just type a s k d.

Moving to a Specific Card's Rank or Suit  
If you want to change a specific card's rank or suit, you can move the mouse directly over that item and type a new value for it. This is faster than clicking on the card and selecting a menu item.

To do using just keyboard shortcuts just hit shift to highlight the hand you want, then type either [, ], {, or } to focus on the left or right card's rank or suit, then type the actual rank or suit character. It takes just a fraction of a second.

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