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FlopCruncher Lite User Guide
Back Side

The back side of FlopCruncher Lite is where you can set its preferences.  
News Link

The button with the exclamation mark in the upper left corner is the FlopTech "news link" button. Normally it will glow blue when you position the mouse cursor over it. Clicking it when it's glowing blue will open your browser to the FlopTech.com news page, where we have collected news items about the poker world and Apple Incorporated.

If you have enabled the news alert option and the news link button glows red when you move the cursor over it, it means we have updated FlopTech.com and we think you might be interested to know about it. Clicking on the news link button when there's an alert will take you directly to whatever page has been updated on FlopTech.com. If you have disabled the news alert option, the news link button will always glow blue when you move the cursor over it.

To turn news alert on and off, flip back to FlopCruncher's front side and use the keyboard shortcut: hold down the shift and option keys and type N.

FlopTech Link

Click here to open your browser to the FlopTech home page.

Help Link

Clicking this button opens browser to the FlopCruncher Lite User Guide page.

Deal Count

Here you can choose 10 thousand, 100 thousand, or 1 million deals per simulation. The more deals, the longer it will take to complete each simulation. And, the more deals, the more accurate the result will be.

Due to the inherent randomness of shuffling, you will get slightly different results on every run, even with exactly the same hole cards an opponent count. A larger number of deals tends to even out that random chance. Try a few different values and see which is right for your particular Mac.

Done Button

Clicking this button flips FlopCruncher Lite back over to its front side.

Return to Front Side