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FlopCruncher Lite Frequently Asked Questions

FlopCruncher Lite is a tool for exploring the hard facts and subtle nuances of Texas Hold'Em hand odds. It simulates playing two specific hands with up to 8 other random hands all the way to the river with no folding.  
How do I use it?
To use FlopCruncher Lite:
- Select two sets of hole cards
- Choose from 0 to 8 other players in the hand
- Click the "deal" button  
Why is it called "Lite"?
It's the freeware version of FlopCruncher. The full version of FlopCruncher allows you to specify all 10 players' hole cards as well as the flop, turn, and river cards. You can then calculate preflop, flop, turn, and river odds.

And there are many very powerful features in the full version as well. Some are useful, others are just cosmetic. For some folks, Lite is enough. For others, only the full FlopCruncher will do.  
Why all the question marks?

The question marks represent the "random card" feature of FlopCruncher Lite. Selecting "?" for both rank and suit of a hole card tells FlopCruncher Lite to choose a random card from the deck when calculating its results.

Choosing "?" for the rank and a specific suit tells FlopCruncher Lite to choose any card of that suit. For example, you can choose "any heart".

Choosing a specific rank and "?" for the suit tells FlopCruncher Lite to choose any card of that rank. For example, you can choose "any ace".

Why would I ever choose random cards?

The random cards allow you more flexibility in setting up hand vs. hand scenarios. You can see how any pair of sevens will do against any two clubs, for example.

What is the "others" menu for?

It lets you add up to 8 other random hands into the odds calculation. FlopCruncher Lite, by default, pits two hands against each other. This is called a "heads-up" situation and it's the default setting.

The "others" menu allows you to select up to 8 opponents to also play each hand with random cards. This can simulate certain situations in ring game and tournament play. (But we at FlopTech hope that your all-ins will not be called by 9 players. Unless, of course, you win the pot!)

The percentages are slightly different every time I click "deal". Why?

FlopCruncher Lite actually shuffles and deals the cards 10 thousand, 100 thousand, or 1 million times, and it does its best to randomize things during each shuffle. That randomness, otherwise known as "the luck factor", causes the different win percentages.

To change the number of deals per simulation, click the "info" button to turn FlopCruncher Lite over. You can set the number of deals with the popup menu. If you want more accuracy, select "1 million". If it takes too long for you, try 100 thousand or 10 thousand.

We have found that 10 thousand deals is accurate to within 1%, 100 thousand to within 0.1%, and 1 million to within 0.01%. For all practical purposes, the 10 thousand deal setting is fine for actual play and study. The 100 thousand deal setting will produce results occasionally differing by 0.1%, and the 1 million deal setting should almost always produce the same numbers.

You might need to click "deal" a few times at the 10 thousand deals setting to get a feel for the numbers. The calculation time is nearly instantaneous on Macs with processors faster than 1GHz. You'll only need to click "deal" once at the 1 million deals setting but it'll take several seconds. There's no way around it: 1 million deals takes 100 times longer than 10 thousand deals. On a 2.0GHz MacBook the calculation takes roughly five seconds.  
What is the News Alert feature?

The news alert feature is there to let you know when floptech.com has been updated with poker news, Apple Inc. news, or FlopTech news and blogs.

Use the keyboard shortcut to toggle this feature on and off. Hold down the shift and option keys, then type N to turn the news alert feature on and off. If it's on, FlopCruncher will check floptech.com for updates once a day.

When you move your mouse cursor over the "news link" button on the back of FlopCruncher, it will glow blue if there's no update. Clicking on the "news link" button when it glows blue will open your default browser to the default news page of floptech.com.

Clicking on the "news link" button when it glows red will take you to whatever page has been most recently updated. So, if we've added a new Player Zero Blog entry, clicking the "news link" button will take you right to the Player Zero Blog page.

After clicking the "news link" button, FlopCruncher remembers that you have visited FlopTech.com and resets the "news link" button to glow blue and to take you to FlopTech's default news page. FlopCruncher will wait until the next day (in other words, until after midnight) before checking for an update again, even if you turn the news alert feature off and back on again. And even on the next day, FlopCruncher will only check for an update when you click the "info" button to flip it over to its back side.

What are the system requirements for FlopCruncher Lite?

FlopCruncher Lite will run on any Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.

We've run out of answers. If you still have questions, please read the User Guide and Tutorial for more details on FlopCruncher Lite. And if that isn't enough, don't hesitate to email to send us your questions and suggestions.