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What's new in FlopCruncher 1.5

- Five more pre-loaded hands (26 total) for playback mode
- Automatically checks for software updates
- More reliable news update checking from www.floptech.com
- Revised FlopTech logo on back side
What was new in FlopCruncher 1.4

- Updated for Mac OS 10.5 "Leopard" compatibility
- Improved "OS X" theme graphics
- Four more pre-loaded hands (21 total) for playback mode
- Fixed a registration program bug
- Increased demo period to 30 days
What was new in 1.3

New features
- "Any pair" card selection: select a random pair (with specific or random suits)
- "Any suited" card selection: select two suited cards (with specific or random ranks)

- Improved theme graphics
- Folded hands can be "un-folded"
- Two more pre-loaded hands (17 total) for playback mode
What was new in 1.2

New features
- Playback mode: 15 pre-loaded hands with descriptive text can be run
- Hand download: new hands can be downloaded directly into FlopCruncher
- Fold-on-street: hole cards can be folded on any street
- Burn cards: cards can be marked to be removed from play on any street
- Keyboard shortcuts: integrated with mouse focus

- Statistics mode:
Percentages are given instead of raw counts now
Win and tie percentages less than 0.1% are shown with two decimal accuracy
Raw count is shown for very small percentage hands
- Playback mode:
Player's name is shown in "playback mode"
Cancellable by clicking "reset hands" or "reset holes"
- Tooltips can be toggled on and off
- 13 new poker quotes
- The "reset holes" button now reads "reset hands"
- Better duplicate card error messages
- Faster performance
What was new in 1.1

New features
- Separate preflop, flop, turn, and river odds calculations
- Board card highlights for preflop, flop, turn, and river
- Tooltips

- Simplified theme & card back color selection
- Two new themes (5 total)
- 36 more poker quotes and proverbs (100 total)
- Improved card graphics
- Changed '?' to 'wild' and 'X' to 'fold' in rank and suit menus
What was new in 1.0

- Calculates odds for up to 10 players' hole cards
- Allows semi-random and fully random cards ("any ace," "any club," etc.)
- 10 thousand, 100 thousand, or 1 million deals per calculation
- Three background themes
- 2-color or 4-color card suits
- Poker quotes and proverbs (64 total)
- Statistics mode
Displays the number and types of all hands made by any player during the calculation.
- News Alert
The News Link button glows red when FlopTech's news or blog pages have been updated.