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FlopCruncher Statistics Mode

FlopCruncher can show you how frequently any seat's hole cards can make and all hand rankings. As of version 1.3, percentages replaced raw counts in statistics mode.

Statistics mode works for ad-hoc hands you enter yourself and for hands that are being run in playback mode. You must select an occupied seat whose hand hasn't been folded yet on the current street.  
Turning Statistics Mode On and Off

To turn on statistics mode from the back side preferences, select a seat from the "text" menu. To turn it off, select "Quotes or Captions."

To turn on statistics mode from the front of FlopCruncher, use keyboard shortcuts. For example, press the shift key and 2 at the same time to enable statistics at seat 2. To turn off statistics mode from the front, press the shift key and - (minus).

If you select an empty seat and click any deal button, you'll get an error message in the text area. Seats are numbered from 1 to 10, starting with seat 1 to the left of the text area and ending with seat 10 to the right of the text area.

The Labels
The hand types and their labels are:
rfRoyal Flush
sfStraight Flush
fhFull House
3kThree of a Kind
2pTwo Pair
1pOne Pair
hcHigh Card
The Numbers

FlopCruncher will only display data for hand types actually made by the hole cards at a particular seat. If there were zero royal flushes, rf will not appear in the statistics data.

For percentages less than 0.1%, FlopCruncher shows the percentage to two decimal point accuracy. For hands that occur extremely infrequently (less than 0.01% of the time) , the number of times that hand occurs is shown in parentheses.

We figured that it would be easier to understand the raw count for those rare hands. For example, it's probably more meaningful to think of Royal Flushes hitting in 1 out of 10,000 hands than it is to think of them hitting 0.01% of the time. Maybe we're just dumb, but seeing too many zeros to the right of the decimal gives us a headache.  
The Details
There are a few more ways to cancel statistics mode: by clicking the "reset hands" button, by using two of the "reset" keyboard shortcuts, and by exiting playback mode. Holding the shift key down and typing either h or a (the shortcuts for "reset hands" and "reset all") will do their clearing and also turn off statistics.

We didn't think that resetting just the board cards (shift key plus b) should turn off statistics mode since the hands are left in place.

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