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Updated 07.27.2009

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Moon vs. Smith
WSOP 2009 Main Event

There are many bubbles in a tournament as big and lengthy as the WSOP Main Event. Poor Jordan Smith was the last of the bubble boys, busting out in 10th place after the remaining two tables had combined. His pocket aces were cracked by Darvin Moon's flopped top set, and he won't be in the 2009 November Nine despite having more chips than mini-stacked James Akenhead.

But don't feel too bad for Smith. He had already received his first WSOP bracelet for winning this year's $2K No-Limit Hold'em event #36.

Darvin Moon, through a combination of solid play + great cards + inscrutable calmness, had amassed the biggest stack. This was a prime opportunity to abuse the November Nine bubble, and for a while it seemed like any raise, made by any player, caused everyone else to fold. Until Smith looked down at the fateful aces.

Seat 1  (button)Darvin Moon8 8
Seat 2  (SB)Jordan SmithA A
Seat 3  (BB)James Akenhead
Seat 4Phil Ivey
Seat 5Kevin Schaffel
Seat 6Steven Begleiter
Seat 7Eric Buchman
Seat 8Joe Cada
Seat 9Antoine Saout
Seat 10Jeff Shulman
Board8 4 2   5   10

Preflop: The blinds are 150K and 300K. Eric Buchman raises to 650K, Moon calls on the button, Smith raises to 2.6 million from the small blind, Buchman folds, and Moon calls. It's heads-up going into the flop.

Flop: Moon flops top pair and Smith has no reason to think that he's beaten. He wanted action with his aces preflop, he got it, and now he's looking to double through Moon. Smith checks, Moon opens for 4 million, Smith shoves, and Moon snap-calls.

Turn: The turn card gives Smith a few more outs. He could make the wheel if he hits a 3 on the river. An ace or nine on the river and Smith doubles up.

River: No ace, no 3. Smith busts out in 10th place, graciously shakes everyone's hand, and we're all done until November but for the hype.

Darvin Moon continues his incredible run, and will bring nearly 1/3 of the total chips in play to the November Nine table. Jeff Shulman, the CEO of Card Player magazine, has also made the November nine, but he has made some caustic remarks about how the WSOP is being run by Harrahs. He even claims that he'll somehow get rid of the bracelet if he wins it. By donating it to charity, or by giving it to the winner of a tournament played by the people shut out on day 1D. But probably not by throwing it "in the garbage" as has been reported.

But the biggest story among the November Nine is Phil Ivey's. He stands to win 3 bracelets in the 2009 WSOP, which would give him a total of 8 career WSOP bracelets. (And we hear that he also could win a fortune in bracelet side bets.) Good luck to the November Nine!