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FlopCruncher Overview
Back Side

You can choose many options in FlopCruncher. Click on a caption to go straight to that section:  
News Link

The button with the exclamation mark in the upper left corner is the FlopTech "news link" button. Normally it will glow blue when you position the mouse cursor over it. Clicking it when it's glowing blue will open your browser to the FlopTech.com news page, where we have collected news items about the poker world and Apple Incorporated.

If you have enabled the news alert option and the news link button glows red when you move the cursor over it, it means there's a news alert. Clicking on it when there's an alert will take you directly to whatever page has been updated on FlopTech.com.

We'll put out a news alert when there's news about major poker tournaments, or an Apple product announcement, or other poker and Apple news. We'll also put out an alert when we've posted a new hand to download into FlopCruncher for playback mode, or a new blog entry or a product update.

By default, the news alert option is not enabled, but it's only one mouse click away. FlopCruncher will never check for updates if news alert is not enabled, and it will check for updates at most once per day if it is enabled.  
FlopTech Link

Clicking the FlopTech logo will open your browser to FlopTech.com's home page.

Help Link

The button with the question mark in the upper right corner is the FlopCruncher "help" button. Clicking it will open your browswer to the FlopCruncher User Guide.

Playback Mode

This option lets you set up and run the pre-loaded hands that we've included with FlopCruncher. Click on the "play" menu and choose a hand to play. Now you're in "playback" mode.

Click "Done" to flip to FlopCruncher's front side, and you can now see who was in the hand, who was on the button, who did what when, and what everyone's odds were, simply by clicking the preflop, flop, turn, and river buttons. Please see the User Guide playback mode page for more information.

Text Option

By default, the text option is set to "quotes." The area below the board cards on the front of FlopCruncher will display a randomly selected quote from its database of quotes.

Every few deals, a new quote will be chosen and displayed if you're in "normal play" mode. In "playback mode" hand captions are shown on every street to describe the actions of the players in the hand.

When you select statistics, the text area will display the type of all hands that one particular player makes and the percentage of the time that each hand type was made. Now you're in "statistics mode."

For example, after you select "Seat 1 statistics" from the text menu, FlopCruncher will display the number and type of every hand that the player in seat 1 makes. (That's the infamous Player Zero in seat 1, by the way.) Please see the User Guide statistics mode page for more information.
Deal Count

Here you can choose 10 thousand, 100 thousand, or 1 million deals per simulation. The more deals, the longer it will take to complete each simulation. And, the more deals, the more accurate the result will be.

Due to the inherent randomness of shuffling, you could get slightly different results on every run, even with exactly the same hole cards and board cards. A larger number of deals tends to even out that random chance. Try the different values and see which is right for your particular Mac.

For example, on the latest 2GHz+ iMac, 1 million deals takes between 4 and 14 seconds, depending on how many hands are specified. Wild cards, including "any pair" and "any suited" require more calculation so they tend to increase calculation time. On a Mac with less than 1GHz processor speed, 1 million deals could take 20 seconds or more.
Theme Option

You can change FlopCruncher's background image if you want. When you get bored with one theme, choose another.

Suit Colors

Checking the "4-color" checkbox changes the suit colors from the traditional red and black to red, black, blue, and green.

Blue diamonds and green clubs make it easier to distinguish the four suits. And we felt that the blue and green would go better with certain themes. Suit yourself!

News Alert Option

This allows you to enable or disable the FlopTech news alert option. Checking the box tells FlopCruncher to check for news updates on the FlopTech web site. See the news link button feature above for more details.

Tooltips Option

Click this checkbox to turn tooltips on and off. If you're familiar with FlopCruncher's features, uncheck the box to suppress tooltips. You can also use a keyboard shortcut to toggle tooltips. Just hold down the shift and option keys and type T.

Purchase Button

Clicking this button launches the purchase and registration application, which will automatically register FlopCruncher. You won't even need to enter a serial number!

After purchase, this button becomes the "send feedback" button. Clicking it will open your browser and take you to the FlopTech feedback page, where you can enter questions, comments, trouble reports, or whatever is on your mind.

Done Button

Clicking this button flips FlopCruncher back over to its front side.

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