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Epic Poker League Series 3 M.E. Day 4
17 December 2011

In the money

EpicPokerLeague Medallion
All of the remaining players at the start of day 4 play were guaranteed at least $50,920 for 12th up to 9th place finishes. Not all that much, considering the $20k buy-in and the extremely tough field the remaining players had to fight through. But the generous $400k overlay added by the Epic Poker League no doubt boosted all pay levels. And everyone's eyes are focused, of course, on that $801k first place prize money.

Place Payout
1st $801,680
2nd $501,480
3rd $306,800
4th $174,640
5th - 8th $89,680
9th - 12th $50,920

No beats today

Unlike yesterday, every player who busted out today had the worst hand when the chips went into the middle. And the better hand always held up one way or another. There were quite a few cold deck situations, though. You'll see what we mean when you read the official Epic Poker recap of the day's action - "Early Night and Big Stacks."

Take the night off

The media folks we talked to today all feared a grueling battle into the night as the twelve remaining players were reduced to the final five. It didn't happen. The short stacks fought the good fight but more or less went down in order, and rather quickly. No miracle comebacks from the felt. Noah Schwartz busted in 6th at barely 5pm, and we all were spared a marathon session. But it could still happen on the final day...

Unique final table format

Action on the final day of the Epic Poker Series 3 League Main Event will happen at one 5-handed final table and play will continue until two players remain. Then, there will be a best-of-three heads-up series. In the first two heads-up matches, the players will start with the chips they originally brought to heads-up play. And, if needed, the third sudden-death match will start the players with equal stacks.

We spoke briefly with Andrew "Lucky Chewy" Lichtenberger about the final table format. He said that even though day 4 was technically a 4-max day, it would be unfair to force five players to play at two tables of 2 and 3. There is a huge difference in variance between 2-handed and 3-handed play, not to mention that in heads-up you're always paying one of the blinds. It's best to play 5-max temporarily from the players' perspective. It's also easier for the TV crew since there's just one table to cover now. Better for everyone.

Here's Lizzy Harrison interviewing all of tomorrow's final table players: www.epicpoker.com.

Final table chip counts courtesy of www.epicpoker.com:

Player Chips
Andrew Lichtenberger 1,742,000
Michael Mizrachi 1,279,000
Chris Klodnicki 1,024,000
Joe Tehan 820,000
Scott Clements 131,000

For all Epic Poker League information and hand-by-hand details and event videos, please visit www.epicpoker.com.
And follow @EpicPoker on Twitter for up-to-the-minute live updates.

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