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WSOP11 Main Event - Day 7
18 July 2011

5 levels or 18 Players

Last year's final Main Event day 8 lasted far too long. Brandon Steven hung on for dear life, short-stacked for hours and hours as he simply refused to bust. Play ended at 5:40am after nearly 18 hours. The plan this year was to shorten day 8 play by eliminating as many players as possible on day 7. So the tournament directors announced that play would end for the day when either five full 2-hour levels had been played or when there were just 18 players left. Whichever came first.

Erika Moutinho cuts off a raise

Erick Lindgren made it deep but didn't survive the day

Farewell Favorites

61% of the 57 survivors were eliminated on day 7, including some of our favorites. Erick Lindgren couldn't make much happen and busted in 43rd place. And the charming Erika Moutinho tried her best but ended up finishing a very strong 29th.

Kara Scott gets ready for another bustout interview

Massive Swings

As happens late in tournaments, the pots got bigger and there were many do-or-die all-ins. Just before the dinner break, Bryan Devonshire doubled up in an 8 million chip pot when his AA held up against Guillaume Darcourt's KK. The classic cooler, the one you hope for when you wake up with aces.

Anton Makiievskyi won the biggest pot of the event during the last level, doubling through Chris Moore for 20 million chips. Makiievskyi had flopped jacks full of kings with KJ on the KJJ flop. Moore had flopped trips boss kicker with AJ, and a raising war ended with Makiievskyi all-in. As one would expect. Bricks on turn and river, and Makiievskyi vaulted into the chip lead. Moore was crippled, and will start day 8 play as low man with just over 3 million chips.

Bryan Devonshire sweats his all-in with AA vs. Guillaume Darcourts KK

Kenny Shih can't bear to look as he doubles up Chris Moore

Erika Moutinho, this year's last woman standing, talks with Kara on her way out

Labor Day of the WSOP

This is it. The last day of summer for the 2011 US WSOP. Anton Makiievskyi leads with 21 million chips going into day 8. Chris Moore trails with 3 million chips, and there are just 13 players to go until we reach the fabled November Nine. First out on day 8 will receive $302k, last out on day 8 will receive $608k and will be the unfortunate November Nine bubble boy. Let's shuffle up and deal!

Veteran rounder John Esposito does a quick interview with Kara Scott

Ben Lamb playing at the outer table

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