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WSOP11 Main Event - Day 6
17 July 2011

99th Percentile

At one point on Sunday night, one of the tournament directors announced that the remaining players were the elite 1% of Main Event survivors. They cheered, but they all knew that there was still plenty of hard work to do to survive day 6. Then survive day 7, then make the November Nine on day 8, then go all the way to win this thing in November.

The featured table, with Erick Lindgren, Ben Lamb, and Erika Moutinho

Brian Yoon drew a terrible seat. Ben Lamb and Erick Lindgren on his immediate left.

1 Woman Left

We'll just come out and say it. We've got a crush on Erika Moutinho, and we hope she makes history and becomes only the second woman to make a WSOP Main Event final table. Barbara Enright was the first, back in 1995, but the deepest a female player has gone since then is 17th. Tiffany "Hot Chips" Michelle managed that feat in 2008.

Miss Moutinho could also beat this year's current female WSOP cash leader if she goes deep. Maria Ho earned over $540,000 this year, finishing 2nd in a $5k NLH event and 125th in a $1.5k NLH event. To beat that, Miss Moutinho would need to finish at least 12th.

Erika Moutinho is this year's "last woman standing"

Big Names, Big Chips

Several well-known players made it to day 6, including Erick Lindgren, Ben Lamb, and David Bach. Bach won the 2009 $50k HORSE Championship, and if he has any weak game, he's already proved that NLH isn't it. One of our favorite players, Brian Devonshire, is also making a deep run. At the end of play on day 6 he had just under 6 million chips, giving him the 10th biggest stack.

We're not sure of the exact details, but Ben Lamb could pip Phil Hellmuth for the 2011 WSOP Player of the Year title. If Lamb had not made a deep run at the Main Event, Hellmuth would have won it. This could be Hellmuth's "Year of Second Place Finishes" in yet another dimension.

Jean-Robert Bellande argues a point at one of the outer tables

Anton Makiievskyi sizes up the competition

Erick Lindgren was his usual smiling self

Great Potential

The final few days of this year's WSOP Main Event could have it all. Established big-name pros like Lindgren, young new superstars like Ben Lamb, and the last woman standing, Erika Moutinho. Who will survive day 7? Stay tuned.

Whose name will grace the 2011 slot?

Next: Main Event Day 7...

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