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WSOP 2010 $50K Players Champ. Day 4
CEO "Rocket Boy" 31 May 2010

Daniel Alaei enjoys a lighter moment

The $50K Poker Players Championship is our favorite WSOP event. It attracts the top players and it has an exotic mix of poker games. This year three more games (NLH, PLO, and 2-7 Triple Draw) join the HORSE rotation.

Andy Bloch laughs as he kicks 'em in

The WSOP management made a concession to ESPN this year as well. Seems that the viewing public has absolutely no interest in watching anything other than No-Limit Hold'em. The '08 $50K HORSE, as it was called then, had the lowest ratings of any poker show ever shown on ESPN. So this year's final table of eight players will be playing exclusively NLH Tuesday night in front of the cameras. We'll be there.

Abe Mosseri considers calling a big Razz bet.

The reclusive Kirk Morrison makes his exit

John Juanda discusses something with an ESPN crewmember

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi in a pensive mood

David Oppenheim squeezes an Omaha hand

The final table of 9. Play ended at about 1am when Nick Schulman busted in 9th on the TV bubble.

Gloria Balding interviews final tablists Michael and Robert Mizrachi

The players were mostly very quiet. If you want to hear "One time dealer!" or "That's what I'm TALKIN' about!", just rail a $1K event. You won't be disappointed.

But there was a collective "Ohhhh!" at Lyle Berman's table when he busted out. He and Grinder had gotten it all in at some point. Grinder had flopped top set, Berman had flopped a smaller set. The turn improved Berman's hand to quads, leaving Grinder just one out. And he spiked it the river.

Grinder and Berman nearly jumped into the air in shock. Berman took it well, but what a cooler!

Next: $50K Players Championship Final Table...

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