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Cool FullTilt and PokerStars Mods
CEO "Rocket Boy" 08.10.2009

Our friend Jon, the mastermind behind MacPokerTools, isn't just a mastermind. He's also a master Photoshopper, and he's created some awesome graphics for modding FullTilt and PokerStars. All with some sweet Apple themes!

Head over to MacPokerTools to download the zipped folders containing the mod graphics. There are just three zip files to download: two for FullTilt and one for PokerStars.

You'll also find instructions for installing the new graphics files while preserving the old ones in case you want to restore them later. (But really, I don't think you'll want to go back.) Just follow Jon's easy to follow instructions. You just need to duplicate, move, and rename a few folders and files.

Nuts baby!

Jon has created several FullTilt variations on a theme: black. But it's anything but basic black. My favorite is Sepia, shown above next to FlopZoom's playback pane with Onyx theme and the HUD running.

As you can see, the table background, individual player seat graphics (the "Pods") and even the card backs have been changed for the better. (Hmmm. Maybe we could add some new HUD themes to match...)

Donking it up AIPF with King Kong. I won one of the 4 side pots!

Here's the Apple Black Bling mod for PokerStars with FlopZoom's Graphite theme and HUD. Frankly I find some of the stock FullTilt and PokerStars themes to be a little garish. Especially with those ghastly FT avatars.

So sleek alternatives like these are a must for me. Try them out for yourself. I'm sure you'll like them as much as I do.

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