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Random WSOP09 Photos Part 2
CEO "Rocket Boy" 07.22.2009

Here are a few more pix from inside and outside the Rio. Just a few random snaps that didn't quite fit in with the tournament blog. Enjoy!

Wanna know what'cher playin' for?

The Main Event bracelet stood watch over all the action at the featured table. An unarmed guard was always present when the bracelet was on display. Its display stand was crudely clamped to the Corum podium railing so the ESPN boom-cam could get a panning shot of it with the featured table in the backgorund.

New setup on table 1

She doesn't look old enough, but she dealt at the featured table. Her sister did the honors last year. I didn't see any of the dealers make any mistakes at all during the three days I railed the Main Event. Amazing.

The adorable and talented Liz Lieu flashes her million dollar smile.

Paul Darden sweats the featured table

Johnny Moss presides over what poker has become

We'll never know what Johnny Moss would have though of the WSOP under Harrah's management. But if he got shut out on day 1D like hundreds of others, we would certainly have found out.

Carlos Mortensen sweats fellow Spaniard Leo Margets

Antonio Esfandiari works the room after winning a hand

Sapphire Pool gal Connie

Jeffrey Pollack and Dennis Phillips in the VIP seats

Jeffrey Pollack is a mega-tweeter. He would periodically retreat to quiet corners of the Amazon room and tweet about the various WSOP events, bracelet ceremony schedules, dinner plans with celebrities, etc.

Dennis Phillips stayed at the Rio long after his elimination from the Main Event, seemingly never tiring of signing autographs and chatting with fans and the press. His 45th place finish was the deepest of any of last year's November Nine.

Much, much rounder.

Mission accomplished: $2.50 for a 1/4 lb. beef dog + Miller Lite. Corner of E.Flamingo & Audrie.

Vegas was way hotter than it was back in April when I railed the WPT Championship at Bellagio. It was 112F on The Strip in the afternoon and still over 100F at night. With no humidity to cushion the shock.

But it's all good. It makes the Vegas experience even more exotic and different. And walking on The Strip is a sucker move anyway.

It'll be pretty chilly in November for the WSOP Main Event final table, and I'll do my best to go back for that.

Next blog: Cool FT and PS Table Mods...

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