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WSOP09 Main Event Day 7
CEO "Rocket Boy" 07.15.2009

It's getting serious now. The 1K chips have long been colored up and the 100K chips are now in play. The average stack at the start of the day was 3 million, and at the end of the day the average was 7.2 million. So if you didn't more than double your stack, you were behind the curve.

Play began with 43 players and ended when the magic number, 27, was reached at a relatively early 10:30PM. I focused mostly on the inner and outer featured tables again on day 7. Enjoy!

Dennis Phillips does a brief interview before the start of play. He busted in 45th place.

I ran into Dennis Phillips a few times in the Amazon room, and he seemed to be constantly talking with fans, autographing things for them, and just generally hanging out and being himself. That Mr. Nice Guy image on TV seems to really be the way he is in real life. You wouldn't think him capable of besting about 12,000 players in two years of WSOP Main Event play.

Antonio Esfandiari started day 7 with no idea of the drama in store for him.

Eugene Katchalov can put on a pretty fierce poker face when he wants to. He busted in 39th.

The outer tables. Quick - where's Phil Ivey? (Hint - Far table seat 5, facing away.)

Jonathan Tamayo kicks his cards in preflop. He was chip leader at the outer featured table.

Action at the outer featured table

Last woman standing is Leonor "Leo" Margets of Spain.

Action at the featured table

Who is Darvin Moon and how did he get all those chips?

Antonio Esfandiari sweating an all-in snap-call with AA. One time! (Hey look, a MacBook Pro!)

The aces held and Antonio doubled.

Just a few quick notes

Darvin Moon seemed to be getting smacked by the deck all day long. An example: he won two hands without a showdown within minutes, and showed pocket aces both times.

Darvin plays with an eerily detached indifference that makes him seem hard to read. And he finished the day with the most chips: 20.1 million, slightly more than 10% of all chips in play.

Antonio struggled to build his stack all day, and it looked like he bluffed off a large part of his stack several times. He was playing fast and loose, opening roughly 1/3 of all the hands dealt in the earlier rounds. And it cost him.

Antonio finally doubled when François Balmigere put him all-in with JJ and Antonio snap-called with AA. The crowd went crazy, especially his cheering section which included his friends and family (and father, I believe.) The aces held like they're usually supposed to, Antonio doubled up, and thus gained a little breathing room. He goes into day 8 with a below-average stack of less than 4.5 million.

The last woman remaining in the field is Leonor "Leo" Margets of Spain. She's got incredibly pretty eyes, and is quite the rubber-face. I hope for her sake that her expressiveness at the table won't make it easy for her opponents to read her.

And, it pains me to say, Joe Sebok busted out in 56th place. He endured all manner of hardship, from illness to sustained short stack torture. But in the end he just couldn't find enough of the right situations with the right cards. Good game Joe! You played extremely well.

Next blog: WSOP09 Main Event Day 8...

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